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Sun Apr 22 02:34:11 2018
The Coolplayer Team

Welcome to our team members page.

This software is maintained by the free time of the developers listed on this page. If you would like to help out with CoolPlayer, we are more than happy to accept help. We spend our free time pushing bytes (or pixels) around to make this audio player the best we can make it, so please dont email the authors directly about bug's/feature requests or whatnot. If you wan't to complain to us, use the forums.

If you're here to help out with the project - GOOD FOR YOU!! We're always looking for help and you will get credit for your contributions to the project. Contact us by e-mailing us here.

Thank you, The CoolPlayer Team

Name Context Email Homepage
Niek Albers Manager/Coder info at
Marcus Platts Manager/Coder plattsm at
Rob Leslie Programmer rob at
Erukian Web Designer erukian at N/A
Dan Mauch Web Designer dan at
Andrew Paterson Programmer ajpaterson at
Richard Hopkins Programmer

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