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Sun Apr 22 02:33:21 2018
Coolplayer Bonus Skin Pack

Coming Soon!

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**New** Great Tutorial
Old But Good Tutorial
Old Playlist Tutorial
Playlist Example(zip)

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Your home for skins, themes, icons and more!
Dangeruss Industries manufactures cutting edge skins for Windows based applications, and 3D/2D computer art.
Skins for ICQ Plus, MMJB,Cool Player,Messenger, PocketPC Skins, Winamp, WMP7 etc.
Your one-stop base for all that is skins, wallpapers, themes, icons, cursors, news, chat and more. Now hosting the Desktop Enhancement Webring too!
The home of treetog and Alexandrie. Offering custom skins, logos, webdesign, web programing and GUI design. Also hundreds of downloadable skins made by them.
The fastest growing, and most popular, online art community!
One of the largest independent desktop modification sites on the Internet.
Skins for many programs.
Skins for many programs.
Skins for many programs.

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