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Recommends for AudioScrobbling (?)

Posted by stanley.tweedle 
Recommends for AudioScrobbling (?)
September 17, 2010 03:08AM
old CoolPlayer user revisiting the app, in typical schizoid fashion, develops opinion, more fanatical than that of previous [.paf format] usage-- being sparked by performance recognized in that /old/ installation, and further on installation of the single .exe d/l from SF.net, current ver some such.

all this, of course, spew as garbage from 'tween his proverbial cheeks, for irrelevance to the subject issue.

i find difficulty in forming a proper query, so i'll put it this way:

dude wants to use the CoolPlayer app, while also continuing to participate in the Last.FM "AudioScrobbling" API shindig joint, yo.

Searching the forum produced no favourable results, after various keywords submissions in several queries. Him consider such searching not to be amongst his best skills. He tends to ramble.

The user is familiar with "lastfmproxy-1.3b", a python app which does effectively stream, for example, the User's "station". As well, lastfmproxy is able to "change a station"-- at least on this User's trials-- while the documentation remarks upon that utility as potentially problematic. I believe the API may have changed since the most recent update of lastfmproxy, but-- what does this old flatch' know!?

anyway... i ramble, but I wish you well. Summer wanes to make way for Fall: may the season be enjoyable for you. Don't buy into the Halloween propaganda-- until October, at least. I think i'll go as Hank or Dean Venture this year-- investing in the good-practice of planning ahead. Riiiggght....

aight-- thanks, yo.


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