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Change rotation on the tray (not turn on/off!)

Posted by Balaco 
Change rotation on the tray (not turn on/off!)
July 02, 2008 04:40PM

a long time ago (glad to see this program is alive and kicking!! Its cool! (hehe) ) Coolplayer used to rotate the taskbar icon as the music being played progressed, completing one spin when the music ended.

However, the latest version now, just rotates it, or doesn´t. I didn´t find (missed?) the behavior I desire on config.

Can I still do that? How?
Re: Change rotation on the tray (not turn on/off!)
July 06, 2008 08:39PM
i think the rotating behaviour changed a few releases
ago to the new constant rotation.

i might consider adding the old option back in for you,
but i cannot promise anything. if i do, it will not
replace the constant rotation it will just be a different

off - no rotation
on - old way - one full rotation is the song complete
on - current way - constant rotation

again, i cant promise anything.

have a good day
That would be the perfect solution!

But I see that there are more important things on Coolplayer now. I wouldn´t be hurt for them to be treated first. But it a thing so tiny... teeheehee osmiling smiley

See ya...

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