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General status and 218 update

Posted by wisepenguin 
General status and 218 update
May 25, 2008 10:58PM
hello all,

a little bit of background.

for a while i had my own version of coolplayer with fixes and enhancements,
which i then wanted to share with the community to say thanks to Niek
and the rest of the team.

i then emailed niek, along with a list of my changes and he was
very pleased and accepted my proposal of integrating them into the
official coolplayer.

i then started to integrate the changes in a more proper fashion to
the official coolplayer code and joined the team in december 2007,
a few days later i released 217.

since then i have had no time to work on coolplayer, or integrate the
other changes but im hoping this will change soon.

i will try my best to release a 218 as i have said i will on the forum,
and here are my goals for 218.

-> stay true to the coolplayer idea of one small exe - this is why 217
is smaller than 216 and i want to keep it this way.

-> allow it to run on older computers such as windows 98, i know some
people are still using coolplayer like this. i am not guaranteeing
it will work officially but i am not going to go out of my way to
make things work only on newer versions of windows. please forgive me
though if it doesnt work as i only have windows xp.


taken straight from the 218 development log

Version 218dev
+ Fixed channels being swapped when toggling EQ
+ Playlist window now restored when toggling if was minimized previously
+ Fixed player skin not saving properly

i will try and act upon the security issues noted aswell.
i will probably post here with updates on 218 status, but i am
unable to work on it at the moment.

i want coolplayer 218 to be stable and reliable.


i am not going to do any drastic changes to coolplayer because

1) theres a large community who like it as it is
2) its too much work - much easier and better to start from scratch

for this reason, it is probable that 218 will be the last changes from me

i would like to thank niek and the rest of the team, and the community
for all your inspiring posts, support, and bug reports.

those posts of thanks are much appreciated.

so, hopefully see you all with a coolplayer 218 smiling smiley

have a good day

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