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Copying music CD

Posted by Frank 
Copying music CD
May 08, 2005 03:30PM
Being new to the game, I thought copying a music CD to a CDRW would be quite straight forward, and indeed it was. I used WM Player to copy a track, but when I tried to play it on my Hi Fi, it would not work, so I did a copy by "drag and drop", which in theory should be a straight like for like copy, but still it will not play through my sound system ( although on both occasions it worked on my PC.
What am I doing wrong?

Re: Copying music CD
May 08, 2005 10:56PM
you're assuming it got copied in a music-cd format, and not in a data-cd format. Windows Media Player is notorious for being set by default to be microsoft friendly, not user friendly. chances are that your cd got burned with wma files and not as an audio cd. check your media player settings.

also, this is a CoolPlayer forum. not really the best place to ask about Windows Media Player.

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Re: Copying music CD
May 11, 2005 12:54PM
You aren't doing anything wrong Frank, what WM is copying is a au. file and most stereos won't recognise it. What you need to do is use something like Nero or Musicmatch to copy the files as WAV's and then you will be able to play them back on most ~ but not all ~ cd players.

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