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hey joh6nn...hows the recovery going?

Posted by fan 
hey joh6nn...hows the recovery going?
March 04, 2005 02:52AM

Just an avid (rabid?) fan here who checks in nearly every day to see if *anything* is going on. I understand you are very busy and have a life outside of this but if you have the chance, I would be very interested in what the status of the project is and if you were able to recover any of your data from the crash?

just curious,

Re: hey joh6nn...hows the recovery going?
March 05, 2005 08:04AM
well, the full story on what happened is this: i got back from school in mid-December, and hooked my box up to the home lan, and could not for the life of me get a network connection. now, this box had worked fine during the summer, and had worked fine up at school, so i knew there was no hardware problem; it must simply have just been some setting i'd changed at school, and didn't remember. so i was digging around, trying to figure out what setting it could have been, when i noticed that my machine seemed to have a second user account on it. this puzzled me for the twin reasons 1) i'm the only one who uses my box & 2) the second account was labeled 'Unknown Account'. investigation revealed that it had last been used in September, and that it was exactly the same size as my own account. That didn't make any sense to me, so, because i'm an idiot, i deleted that account. and watched as all of my shortcuts, and in fact, my entire Application Data folder went hurtling down the drain. 'Unknown Account' is apparently MicroSoft Talk for "alias to your account that you didn't know existed".

fortunately, i had taken the precaution of relocating (by way of various registry hacks) the My Documents folder, and most of my other important files to other locations on my drive. So i called my friend up, explained that i'd just about had it with Windows at this point, and had him bring over his giant 160 G external drive, and we backed up all my stuff, wiped my drive, and installed Mandrake Linux.

about 75% of the way through copying all of my stuff back off his drive, his drive went nuts, and lost ONLY the files that were actually important to me; my expansive collection of near useless junk was safe, but all of the code that i wrote between September of 2002 and December of 2004, almost without exception was gone. along with pretty much everything else. and the drive was irrefutably dead; various smarter-than-either-of-us experts were called in to inspect the situation, and deemed it hopeless.

since then, i've been working on other sections of Coolplayer, just so i don't feel like i'm duplicating effort. so i'm still working on the project. it's just that i'm involved in more difficult aspects of it at the moment, that i'm not really sure how to overcome. the biggest set back for me at the moment is that my technical knowledge of the C language is extremely limited. i'm trying to rewrite the system used to read and save the preferences, so that it will be easier to add more options when that time comes, and though i know WHAT i want to do, the HOW is beyond my ability with C. the many people i've asked for help have usually either responded with "well, if what's already there works, why mess with it?" or "why don't you just switch to C++?". so unfortunately, it's been extremely slow going.

so the project's not dead. it's just moving real real slow while i try to learn enough to accomplish what needs to be done.

as always, i welcome any and all help and participation.

i am a loser geek, crazy with an evil streak,
yes i do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.
Re: hey joh6nn...hows the recovery going?
March 06, 2005 11:33AM
keep with it man, you have the power, alone, to revive the whole coolplayer community and bring back all it's fans in it's heyday.

just keep pumping out versions, and we'll keep giving you feedback. smiling smiley

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