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program like coolplayer was originally, small and fast

Posted by R Hopkins 

from reading the forum, its my opinion that coolplayer is losing the way of what it was when it was came out; to be a small, fast, blatent music player - thats it. no plugins/visualisations/play movies/be the next winamp etc.

i still use 205 because of the playlist, among things the recent versions do not have "add single file"


i am currently programming a small, fast, use as little system resources as possible music player. similar to what coolplayer was. thats all its going to do.

speed wise it is looking good, and uses little processor and RAM resources, also EXE size is looking good, only 12kb, alot smaller than the 341kb size for 205 ( even tho thats small ! )

i am new to audio programming, but in a night i got the play wav file feature working with one little glitch in the way i stream it from hard disk (it occassionally skips)

any help greatly appreciated, or advise on how to implement things.
Re: program like coolplayer was originally, small and fast
January 17, 2005 04:19PM
wouldn't it just be easier to join the Dev Team and help me out, than to start over from scratch? i'm not really sure how that isn't the better option.

i am a loser geek, crazy with an evil streak,
yes i do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.
Re: program like coolplayer was originally, small and fast
February 06, 2005 06:14PM
How did he do that? He didn't even plug it. No url. Guess I have to use this newfangled email thing.

"Coolplayer isn't so cool"

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