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Posted by joh6nn 
December 24, 2004 08:25AM
for as long as i have used Coolplayer, there have been posts in the forum about how much better some other player is. if the author was truly impolite, the post is actually worded along the lines of how much coolplayer sucks. i have always felt that this is unbelievably rude. first off, i think, to come to a program's site, and state in its forums that it sucks is in poor taste. i honestly don't understand how that could be seen as anything but an insult to the dev team, and to the users. secondly, i want to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to any other dev teams out there, if coolplayer users have been posting untoward things in your forums. i know what a hassle it is to deal with off-topic posts, spam, and flames, and want to do my best to keep that to a minimum, not just here in the Coolplayer forums, but in your forums as well.

i am keeping an eye on these forums, and from now on, posts about how any app sucks, whether it's Coolplayer or not, are going to be deleted. they're a disservice both to our community, and to the communities of those apps.

i am a loser geek, crazy with an evil streak,
yes i do believe there is a violent thing inside of me.
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