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MP4/AAC plugin that works for Coolplayer

Posted by Musicman 
To get MP4/AAC plugin for your Coolplayer go to www.audiocoding.com go to the download section and look for IN_MP4 Plugin for Winamp 2x (works for both Coolplayer & CDex as well *via Cdex Player*) Release Candiate 3 and d/l the exe file and now you can listening to AAC/MP4 files in Coolplayer.
cool beans winking smiley(i'll have to get some mp4's now to try this out)
There is definitely the need for a page in this site for winamp plug-ins that work with Coolplayer.

Re: MP4/AAC plugin that works for Coolplayer
December 01, 2003 08:52PM
yes, but wheres the webmaster??

Is there a way to make the asio out plug-in of winamp work with cp?

The new Audigy2zs drivers enable asio support for my SBLive.
Keltic Salyr
Re: MP4/AAC plugin that works for Coolplayer
December 06, 2003 05:41AM
If anyone can post a list of the plugins that work then I could maybe put up a page somewhere else... would be better here but its an alternative at least.
I was wrong with asio. I was playing .wma files with winamp. sad smiley

The old plug-in for .wma works.
Also the cd-reader (cdda) but needs to be configured, which is very easy. I will test the current cdda plug-in and report.

We could make an installer with all winamp plug-ins that work and ask the webmonster smiling smiley to add it in the downloads page. We can also distribute it through other sites. I can make a simple one.

hi everyone!

I think it is good idea from Keltic Salyr about the web contain plugins, moreover since our webmonkey =p is still keep silence!

anyway.. I found that Homeboy AAC plugins for winamp is not compatible for coolplayer, does anyone know how to solve this?




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