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what player did you switch to?

Posted by **** me if youre hiv free 
**** me if youre hiv free
what player did you switch to?
June 11, 2003 06:22PM
cp is unusable. too bad

winamp is burly and ugly. quintessential is a sack of gay. foobar, no thank you. and what are you guys bumping?
coolplayer user
Re: what player did you switch to?
June 11, 2003 10:30PM
I dropped back to coolplayer 205. No it doesn't do much but hey it plays internet audio (mp3 based) which is what i listen to. so I am happy for now. I keep trying the latest releases but they just have too much 'stuff' for me.

My only complaint is that the inet stream comes up as the station name and not the title of the song. hopefully they will fix that one problem.
QCD with shibatch mpg123 plug in
Re: what player did you switch to?
June 12, 2003 07:53AM
I switched to adult.exe , it's what I called my coolplayer214 build,
cause it's for adults only -- maybe i'll post my adult skin one of these days
XMPlay. It is great, but the playlist only shows titles. Maybe it's jut my config, since I haven't RTFM yet. :-)
Re: what player did you switch to?
June 20, 2003 01:57AM
QCD + MAD == best overall sound to my discriminating ears.

XMPlay would be a major contender in that category but alas no gapless OGG playback.

The rest are also-rans (some aren't even that).


"Faith manages."
- jms
I'm using foobar2000.667 for the moment, ex. sound quality. IT will probably remain on my computor along with Cool Player. CP will not be replaced. Julio
Re: what player did you switch to?
June 21, 2003 10:58PM
I love coolplayer, and I am not going to complain about the bugs or the features yet to be implemented and look for a new player. I personally have no problem with the sound quality of coolplayer, and I think it's helpful for us all to keep in mind that this is an open source GNU project and that as such, it's going to take a while to have all the features we'd like, especially if it's going to keep to it's ideal of minimalism. Look at what happened to Winamp when it started throwing in feature after feature. It's now a bloated overdone piece of software.

Coolplayer is great because it's tiny, it's good at what it does, and has all the important features I need, in other words, quality playback. I for one am not going to abandon this player over a buggy playlist or what have you. I feel that it's got amazing potential and I'll be damned if I'm not gonna stick around and find out how much of that potential is achieved. Basically, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Nieka and everyone who's responsible for the work done on CP, and I'd like to encourage all the CP users out there to have patience and keep supporting coolplayer, because it's great.


Thankx J for the reminder sometimes I get alittle selfish, just ditched fb2k!
Re: what player did you switch to?
July 08, 2003 09:57PM
After finding CP, which I used for about 9 months, I discovered that many of the newer version were having problems running on my system. I did a little game of switching between all the other major players out there, never really finding one I liked. Most are heavy massive things that do all sort of wasted 'neat-O' stuff. So once again I have come to CP, I love it, very simple and easy to use, plus the skinning is a breeze, I can whip out a new skin in usually one sitting (and givne my ever changing tastes, that is probably a good thing!).
Been a while since I have made another skin, need to look into if anything has changed. Want to make a small, unobtrusive skin. So I am back to CP again, hopefully to stay for a while and pop out a few skins here and there.
I would just like to see development continue and work continue, it is pretty good as it is, so keep up the good work!

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