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Why I (still) use CP

Posted by rmn 
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 05, 2003 08:44PM
Your messages are getting boring, Mr. Roj.
You could calll kernel streaming a "hack" if it didn't actually come out from MS. But it DID come from MS (with proper warning messages, sure). Windows 9x VxD drivers wont work with any future versions of Windows OS either, would you call them a "hack" too ? Or maybe entire Windows 95 OS was one huge hack ?
Also, as for a "hack" being widely used by only one player, Kernel Streaming works amazingly well on different configurations.
Anyway, Kernel Streaming output is just an optional component, how can you judge media players by optional components they let you use ? It has been proven that foobar2000 is capable of outputting bit-identical (also with default DirectSound output), which implies that it *does not* modify sound data anywhere on the way (which you can also read from sourcecode). What kind of "audiophile repsonse" you have for this ?
Again, I don't see any point in arguing with you any further. Sourcecode is something anyone else with proper abilities can verify. Your "audible" results definitely aren't.
P. Saraga
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 05, 2003 08:45PM
Mr. Roj,

sorry to interrupt your convesation with Mr. zxcvb
but I found the following quite funny:

>Because rather obviously to anyone who is capable of reading the link, >MICROSOFT who invented the technology views it as such.

Microsoft is not a very reliable company as far as audio is concerned,
their WMA product is horrible. I would not trust anything they say in
this field.


Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 05, 2003 09:14PM
Roj wrote:

>But hey - people will believe whatever they choose to believe, even
>when slapped upside the head by the facts. That's the nature
>of "opinion" (and on occasion ignorance).

Sir, you've just described your own plight quite well.

Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 05, 2003 10:23PM
There is nothing more that needs to be said - anything further would surely be a waste of time anyway, as the preceding has obvously been.

It's back to the music again for me - it's a far better use of my time than the typical I've seen here today.

One thing I learned over time is that one does not tarry long on a fool's errand - as I said, many will choose to believe whatever shiny glitter appeals to them regardless of whether the facts support them or not. Better to leave them be - to do otherwise is simply wasting one's precious cycles on things pointless.

I don't argue wtih OS vendors either - they generally know more than the majority of folks who only *think* they do.

Be well one and all - I'm quite sure you'll be content with whatever scratches your itch from moment to moment.


"Faith manages."
- jms
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 05, 2003 10:51PM
> I don't argue wtih OS vendors either - they generally know more than the majority of folks who only *think* they do.

... again, if MS didn't want people to use Kernel Streaming, they wouldn't provide it first, mr. know-it-all. Not much to argue about. Apparently they did want people to use it after all, at least as a temporary solution; I suppose their comments about not using it were only meant to prevent people from basing entire applications on Kernel Streaming. You also shouldn't argue with *cough* software developers, because they actually *do* know much more than folks like you think they do.

You are also happily avoiding to answer what I said about ABX and your "audible" results. Let me guess, because you know it as well as I do how "true" your "audio quality claims" are ? You are just a nasty troll plaguing this messageboard, and admins here apparently don't have the balls to ban people of your kind (perhaps because your bullshit posts support them). Fortunately hydrogenaudio.org doesn't have tolerance for your kind, from what I've read, your entire ISP is banned there. Perhaps that's one of reasons why you hate "fubar2k" so much.
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 06, 2003 01:48AM
Hi P. Saraga, it appears that I missed quite a bit, but thats ok, I probably would have just made a fool of myself anyways. If you still have Winamp on your system and would still like to try the Shibatch plugin with winamp heres how I found it please bare with me, go to the forum,find winamp 2 discussion click no this,and go to page3, and find post about the mad mp3 decoder dated 05-15-03 click on this near the top of the page there is a post made by riv@nvx and here you'll find a link. Please forgive my lack of computor skills, but its the only way I know how to get you to the correct page. I tried going directly to the Shibatch page, but the plugin was not the correct one. the newest one is dated 05-31-03. I hope this reads clearly enough to get there. If you are now using F2K continue to follow the forum for configuration tips there are users there far more knowledgable than I am, and who will lead you to the best settings for your particular system. Also did I read something about a new mad release, WOW this is very exciting news I hope the next Cool Player update includes the new updated mad decoder. Its been a very long time coming. Finally I your use of solo piano music to evaluate a systems performance to be an excellent choice. It is difficult to mike and record correctly, and very difficult for any speaker system to reproduce the percussive and its many octives accuratley. As for this hissing I must admit I have not heard this effect with mad except on some older analog recordings that have been digitized. I will listen more closely now, by the way my piano music is all lossless .ape files. Thank you for taking the time to read this message,and I hope there are not too many left out or misspelled words. Julio
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 06, 2003 06:08AM
Julio wrote:

> please bare with me

No. Sicko.
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 07, 2003 10:42PM
I am an Internet DJ on www.turboshout.com, a very decent internet radio station based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Several months ago, I was looking for a low-resource usage player to use in place of winamp, as I found both verion 2 and version 3 to be too large for me to be able to DJ with any success on. The build I am/was using for CP is build 8472, and I am going to try out the latest build.

In comes CP, as I was searching through players and testing them out. I found it's small resource usage and playlist ideal to my situation, and promptly adopted it, after testing many other players. since then, it has served me quite well as I DJ, and, in truth, I have adopted it for all my MP3 playback needs.

I am happy to see there continues to be development on this wonderful little program, and I hope that will continue.

Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 11, 2003 05:30PM
Wow, Roj (also known before as "ffc" or "randar") sure likes posting under different names.
Or, they had some kind of chemical accident in Canada, resulting in chronic fag0try epidemy.
Re: Why I (still) use CP
June 20, 2003 02:05AM
I never post under ANY other nym but Roj - never have and never will.

Only insecure little posers nymshift and I've seen far too many of those on this board to worry myself about the insecurities of lesser creatures, much less read here (let alone post) with any regularity.

Carry on with great ignorance - you have a grand tradition to uphold and you do it so very well.

There endeth my participation for yet another fortnight - should anyone post using my nym in the interim, know them for the shallow minds they are. <snicker>

Oh, and no chemical accidents here - our environment laws are far too strict.


&quot;Faith manages.&quot;
- jms

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