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Playlists not loading (?)

Posted by Diana (Cda) 
Playlists not loading (?)
April 21, 2003 04:19AM
What's with the new build (211)? I know I go in and tweak all the skins so that the playlist ini resides in a folder within the main skin's folder (so less INIs to deal with when loading INIs, but they worked with my old build (8472).

I don't want to have to "uncode" all that and start placing playlist INIs with main folder and all the buttons, etc. What a headache that would be (and no guarantee problem would be fixed ??). So, what to do?

Re: Playlists not loading (?)
April 21, 2003 04:39AM
Coolplayer from build 200 upwards doesn't support playlist skinning for the time being.
You mean that the playlists aren't supported, I'm guessing (we _can_ still skin, it just can't read them?)

Well, I had to go back to my own build, 8472 from a couple of years back. I may hate how to load the skins (so manual), but it didn't give me the problems 211 did. 211 skips. When I'm clicking on buttons in other apps, it causes the playing songs to skip. I even went so far to re-dl an entire long mp3 because I thought it was defective. Turns out, it played fine on CP WHEN I DID NOTHING ELSE BUT LET IT PLAY! Humphhh, 8472 is stable and I can be typing this post and not have it skip.

Ah well. Will keep looking back here in future to see when upgrades appear.

I may have certain issues with CP, but love how fast it loads (and like Winamp, the functionality I need most is to select a bunch of MP3s and hit enter. CP and WA both load up in ONE instance and start playing, CP still without freaking out. The new Winamp does and gives me problems (but that may be my older and slower systgem). I reverted back to CP for mp3 playing and will use WA for CDs (I love the new freeforms in it).

Re: Playlists not loading (?)
April 21, 2003 10:28PM
Playlist skins aren't supported so there's little point in still skinning for the play list if they aren't going to work anyway.

as for skipping, make sure you have `CoolerWave mapper' turned on in the options.
I went back to my earlier build for now because of the playlist being a feature I use so much. Will come back and look from time to time until I see that this feature is back.

Re skinning, well, may not be much point, but if I were staying with later version, would skin anyway so that I wouldn't have to bother once it comes back. However, since I'm staying with older build, moot point anyway.


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