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Big Bug!! Removing ID3v2 Tags... ,((

Posted by Sunny 
Big Bug!! Removing ID3v2 Tags... ,((
April 06, 2003 02:07AM
This player is fantastic : the sound is really excellent.

BUT i just discovered a VERY *ùù**ù*ù bug.... :-(
I just fucked up 2 of my albums simply in playing with the playlist... without even knowing it at first... the ID3v2 Tags had disappeared under other players!!!... Moreover, the "comment" tags are NOT correct : it reads the "encoded by" ID3v2 tags (here EAC) instead of standard Comment... and this is not right.

So, i messed up 2 FULL albums before understanding what happened : this is visible under WINAMP (standard decoder) when you play your album thereafter on it... NOT under Coolplayer : you don't see the difference... and this is all the more dangerous... sad smiley

Here is the reason (it took me a while to understand what i did wrong with this *ù*ù*ù... because others albums i played were always perfect under winamp, them...

Here it is:
EVERYTIME you accidently right click a song line under the the playlist... this simply automatically delete ALL the TRUE ID3v2 tags !!!!... And you don't see it under Coolplayer... all seems the same... this is just when you listen your modified mp3s with a correct ID3v2 reader that you scream... but this is too late... ,((

Really bad luck...
This program is really fantastic in itself, i think i would have definitely adopted it for its great sound (better for me than winamp + mad plugin : strange..)... but this problem really killed me... i messed up only 2 albums like this, but could have been much worse... i can't imagine if i hadn't wanted to compare the sound with winamp quickly... i would have never saw the problem (under coolplayer) until ALL my mp3s personal albums had been messed up with their ID3v2 tags removed... and BAD comment line incorporated too !!...

This is a "minor" problem, but really an annoying one... ,((

If this could be corrected (a right click is so easy when in the playlist... the renaming can come very unwanted and quickly ,( )... that this is too dangerous right now imo...

OR is there an option to NOT change automatically the changes (or reverse the thing) ????...

congratulation all the same for the great sound and clear interface apart this... but now... this is really dangerous alas.. especially when you need ID3v2 tags (long file names, etc)... ,((
The same happened to me.
I agree with you.
Not enough INFO!!!!
April 07, 2003 02:22PM
care to mention which build ? It's important
Re: Not enough INFO!!!!
April 09, 2003 10:21AM
It's version 2.10. How can I find the build?
Version info: a common arrangement
April 12, 2003 04:33PM
Is to activate any "About" menu offering. In CoolPlayer's case, try clicking with the r.h. side rodent button when the pointer is over the CoolPlayer image...

What I like is good clean sound. Solid, no glitches.
Re: Big Bug!! Removing ID3v2 Tags... ,((
April 13, 2003 05:34AM
To CrazyGuy "not enough Info " ! :
Version 2.10 too, evidently : the last one at the post time.

i just saw a new version has come in the meanwhile : problem resolved?!

I agree, apart this "little problem" (lol), real good clean sound. Solid, no glitches (and light mem usage) : i like it a lot too... but if only this thing could be fixed (this is a killer if you have archived mp3s with ID3v2 tags) !
Re: Big Bug!! Removing ID3v2 Tags... ,((
April 13, 2003 06:56AM
Update... ! :

Just downloaded and tested the new version : Version 211 !
Works great, sounds great, etc ; np at all here to launch it.. perfect.

But same problem with the playlist / ID3v2 tags!! A simple right click on the playlist lines, even without modifying any words (suffice that a white background appears just ONCE..), always erase instantly ALL the ID3v2 tags of ALL the files in the playlist at this moment (aka full albums ID3v2 tags instantly erased!) (and only seen under winamp or other tags checkers thereafter, not immediately under coolplayer) !!...

Happily, now i was ready and did the "test" on a copied directory... got me one time, not twice, hmmm... smiling smiley

If this could be fixed, would be great, really : i really like the sound -my mp3s APx sound better with Coolplayer, much clearer/better dynamics apparently than winamp 2.90 for my ears : but bad luck with the ID3v2 tags for now so.. but if fixed, would be great, sure!
Re: Big Bug!! Removing ID3v2 Tags... ,((
April 15, 2003 05:13AM
Update 2 :

Just to let you know...
i found a way to be safe, yes, safe...
simply uncheck the box "support ID3v2" !
This way, the ID3v2 are NOT erased after each unlucky right clic under the playlist (lol).
Evidently, there is a little problem : the long names are no more read under the standard ID3v1 format showed in the playlist, and this evidently can be a little problem with tracks like "Future Sound Of London - ISDN (Limited Edition) - 02 - The Far Out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman.mp3"... :*/

But at least this is SAFE and the player can be used for the sound of it (that to say, great.. Apollo one is not bad too), no more erases! yawning smiley)

If a new version could correct this, this would be all the same great with ID3v2 too, now..

TIAsmiling smiley

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