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Optimizing sound by software means

Posted by Michael. 
Optimizing sound by software means
March 26, 2003 02:45PM

I use a Turtle Beach SC card. Any recommendations about improving
sound by tweaking software? What about kernel streaming, output device options, whatever geek tweak may be available?
And btw., is there any feature that renders coolplayer sound better than
a Winamp 2.81 using MAD lib?

Re: Optimizing sound by software means
March 26, 2003 09:12PM
"Ok. So I need some better encoded sources and some time. Sad mp3 is not for the masses, theyre too dumb for proper encoding. I hate it, actually."

I'm not sure of what you mean by "not for the masses" - it seems to be all too much for the masses judging by the vast number of Xing-encoded garbage files out there. smiling smiley

"Once I asked ogg vorbis coders for creating a intended gap in bitrate setting range, so a choice between good and bad encoding, without mediocre crap would have been enforced. Surprise, they did not care."

I typically do (and download) my oggs at Q8 - works for me... smiling smiley

>What does the Cruz not support, kernel or ASIO?

ASIO. I never wasted time on KS - it's iffy at best. Heck, it point-blank won't even work with a DMX6Fire according to one member here who has one.

"I considered the Revolution before ordering the SC, but then stepped back due to pricing and still young drivers. "

...which are the same exact reasons why I'm still waiting to replace my current Santa Cruz with one. Perhaps summer...

"Ok. But at least I know now."

Glad to help.


"Faith manages."
- jms

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