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build 210 stack

Posted by pmv 
build 210 stack
February 26, 2003 07:54AM
I must admit the new stack is confusing me. I understand the basic idea behind the stack, but I can't seem to get CP to do what I want it to do. All I want to do is load my mp3's from a directory into a playlist, shuffle them up, and then save this shuffled playlist so I can open and close CP many times without losing the song I was on or the order of my playlist. With the stack option, I can load my files, and then the stack is shuffled when I hit the shuffle button in the playlist editor (this is good). I then save the playlist and close CP. When I open CP, for some strange reason it only places 1 song in the playlist, even though I had the correct boxes marked in the options window("Remember Playlist" & "Remember Last Played"). Even this isn't so bad, because loading a playlist isn't very hard. But when I load my playlist (the one I saved with the stack shuffled) the stack is in numerical order. Is there any way to get build 210 to do what I want it to do? Right now I am using build 206, and it works great for me. The only reason I would prefer using build 210 over 206 is that 210 loads much faster.

Thanks in advance for your help,

P.S. One more thing. Why is there no "Find" button in the playlist editor for build 210?


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