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Making CoolPlayer as fast as possible

Posted by Drew 
Making CoolPlayer as fast as possible
January 30, 2003 10:05PM
I'm running coolplayer on an iopener computer, with 32 MB of ram. The CPU is equivalent to a 150-200mhz P1.

Coolplayer works, but it is just barely keeping up. For instance, I use it to play web radio like SomaFM. The buffer barely stays full and will skip if I do almost anything.

Winamp 2 works a little better, it doesn't skip and seems to leave enough CPU time for the system to be able to update the "time remaining" and redraw windows.

I'd rather use CoolPlayer because I want to create a custom skin that changes the layout of the player to something that fits my screen better. Winamp 2 won't do this, coolplayer excels at it.

So, what are the tricks I can do to speed up coolplayer? A 10% speed increase would probably do the trick. I'm running Win98SE (using USB, so no Win95). Active desktop is off. Any coolplayer INI settings I should try?
Re: Making CoolPlayer as fast as possible
February 18, 2003 05:58AM
I'm running Coolplayer via w98se on a PII 266MHz computer (but with 288MB memory, and virtual mem. turned off therefore) and according to TaskInfo2002 when playing a .mp3 or .ogg file, the system is devoting about 10% cpu (.ogg file just as I type, reported as 181Kbps by CoolPlayer) and the sound is solid.
Since only 10% of the cpu is required, surely your system should do OK? Are you sure that nothing else is running? (I run the Seti@home cruncher all the time, but at "idle"priority, no worries.
I did have a problem with skips when opening windows (ie, starting something) but changing the play option to "Cooler Wave mapper" (whatever that is) from the default "DirectWave mapout" greatly reduced the annoyance. Now I only have skips when closing a modem link... That's thanks to wunduhs.

What I like is good clean sound. Solid, no glitches.

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