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Playlist Manager / Media Library

Posted by phes 
Playlist Manager / Media Library
December 24, 2002 08:03AM
Hey Guys, Especially the guys working on coolplayer.

I have to say i love the interface, and the skinning system, and am looking forward to the next version... the one thing coolplayer is TOTALLY lacking is GOOD playlist/mp3 managment.

out of the current line up only one has (imho) wicked playlists/media features. Winamp Sucks, horrible crashy junky media library. WMP, not even worth a mention crap interface. sonique, ummm. and Finally Zinf (Freeamp). I use this player solely for the media library. on the play list screen it has an explorer like tree (on the left, colapsable) of all your music (you feed it dir names, and it keeps it updated from id3 tags) the tree goes like this:

+My Music
+My Playlists

It's all drag and drop, and it has a built in tag editor to edit a group of files, or one file.. (ie, right click->edit on a artist and it changes all the files underneith) It's awesome, So simple, So lightweight.

The player is junk, the skin system is not bad, but it uses Xing decoder, and it's slow, and blah..

All i'm saying is that NOTHING right now has both good managment and a good player. Cool player has so much potential (as do some others)

Just my two cents.. Check out Zinf.org for zinf, and you can see for your self.. a Playlist dream.

Re: Playlist Manager / Media Library
December 24, 2002 02:44PM
coolplayer already has pretty good managment, press the play list button and simply drag and drop files and folders, plays evething in the directors.....
Re: Playlist Manager / Media Library
December 24, 2002 09:05PM
i prefer having a database.. Or an explorer type tree in the same window.. multiple windows are a pain.. imho..

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