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Program Accessing Internet

Posted by Paranoid 
Program Accessing Internet
December 22, 2002 12:30AM

I'm enjoying the build 205 version of CoolPlayer despite it's apparent lack of an ID3 tag editor. However, the coolplayer.exe program occasionally attempts to cross my firewall and contact IP address

Please forgive me if this topic has already been covered, but what specific information is being shared?


Re: Program Accessing Internet
December 23, 2002 02:26PM
Hi Paranoid, I cant tell you anyhing about the firewall thing but coolplayer does have an ID3 tag editor. Click on the playlist button and any files in there you can right click and edit, nice and simple.
Re: Program Accessing Internet
December 27, 2002 07:39PM
Dunno what this is, but are you sure CP want´s to connect there?

official hostname: ALL-ROUTERS.MCAST.NET
adressclass: Class D (Multicast)

Re: Program Accessing Internet
February 03, 2003 01:28AM
Thanks for the tip about the ID3 tag function. I found it!

Coolplayer still occasionally tries to cross my firewall. Is there an automatic notification of updates feature? Why would this program attempt to send data?

Thanks for any thoughts.
Re: Program Accessing Internet
February 13, 2003 12:03PM
you can be pretty sure that it isn't the program trying it.
just take a look in the source yourself.

are you trying to open an m3u file, it might have a link to a broadcast site in it

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