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CoolPlayer rules...but...

Posted by godfear 
CoolPlayer rules...but...
December 07, 2002 06:06PM
I'm looking for an MP3 player for work that basically does not leave traces of it's existence. If the company does an audit on my workstation and finds weird (or otherwise ; )MP3 player registry entries, the proverbial **** will hit the fan.

Writing to an .ini file would work if it must store settings somewhere. Has anyone modified CoolPlayer to do this? Or know of some other player that does?
Re: CoolPlayer rules...but...
December 10, 2002 12:16AM
I guess if you really wanted to hide it, put coolplayer in your windows directory, delete minesweeper or some little program you dont use and rename coolplayer to that .exe file. Hey you should be able to load coolplayer though the start menu with minesweeper, paint or whatever program you replace.

Remember coolplayer doesnt touch your registry unless you deliberately tell it to register the filetypes. And coolplayer stores its setting in an .ini file so one extra one in your windows directory cant hurt. So sure I guess you can cloak your coolplayer pretty well.

Coolplayer is small enough to store on a floppy disk, ever consider that?
Re: CoolPlayer rules...but...
December 10, 2002 01:21AM
first a quick question.... if you cant have an mp3 player where do you keep your mp3s?

if you bring them to work on a cd try this:
when you are creating the CD just add a folder called coolplayer and put your coolplayer.exe and coolplayer.ini file in that directory then just run it from the cd!

if you want to get really fancy you can even do this.

1. create a folder on your desktop called myCD
2. put all the mp3s on the cd however you want in folders, etc
3. Add a folder called cp (you can call it whatever you want but this will work)
3. In the cp folder add coolplayer.exe
4. Run coolplayer from the cp folder
5. set your options how you like em (not sure about skins though...)
6. Load a playlist of all the songs that you want that are in the "myCD" folder
7. close coolplayer (you should now have three files coolplayer.exe, coolplayer.ini, default.m3u)
8. Make a new text file in the myCD folder and rename it to autorun.inf
9. Put the following in the autorun.inf file:
open=cp\coolplayer.exe "default.m3u"
10. save the autorun.inf
11. burn everything in the myCD folder but not the myCD folder itself (that means that autorun.inf should not be in any folder on the CD.

If you follow these steps you can make a mp3 CD that will automatically open coolplayer and start playing the playlist you made. Pretty damn cool!


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