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Is Coolplayer a Deadplayer now?

Posted by Ykk 
Is Coolplayer a Deadplayer now?
November 29, 2002 07:22PM
Hasn't been a new version out in ages, and no updates on the development. Whats going on?
Re: Is Coolplayer a Deadplayer now?
November 29, 2002 08:13PM
I would like to know that, too ...

Re: Is Coolplayer a Deadplayer now?
December 03, 2002 10:36AM
As would I.

Understandably the team have day jobs and are busy with that real life thing as well but one post a month as a progress report wouldn't take that much surely just to keep us all at bay.

just a thought

Re: Is Coolplayer a Deadplayer now?
December 06, 2002 01:29PM
Just got to be a bit patient, the same thing happend over a year ago when the forums used to be at daansystems.com/coolplayer there seemed to be no new versions or updates coming out, one year later and Im using a vastly improved version after I thought the project had died. I think a quick message once a month would be good just to let people know its still alive, even if it was something like.... "started on some new code for coolplayer today but theres a really cool movie on TV so I cant be assed programing". better then nothing hu? Dont forget the program is pretty good as it is already so the forums and development will be quiet just because of the fact there isnt that many problems with coolplayer.

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