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Winamp 2.x Plugins

Posted by Dave 
Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 05, 2002 03:48PM
I love Coolplayer and I just read today that it supports winamp plugins.
But for the life of me, I can't get them to work, I have 5 different plugins (VQF, CDA, WMA, MP3pro, and MAD) and none of them will work with the current Coolplayer version.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 07, 2002 05:17PM
Yes its a bit misleading that, as far as I know coolplay doesnt use plugins.

BTW MAD is already built into coolplayer, so its a pointless trying to use that plugin.
CoolPlayer User
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 08, 2002 03:51AM
What I have found.

mp3pro doesn't work - I think because the internal mp3 takes over and you can't over ride it.

mad - is already implemented in coolplayer and you don't need it

wma - works in winamp but not coolplayer. it needs the disk out option to work properly and this is not supported in coolplayer

cda - needs to be configured. I use cdex to rip/encode and in it there is an internal player that accepts winamp plugins. I configured the plugin there and went into the cdex ini file and copied the cda info into coolplayer ini file. it will then work - at least it did for me.

vqf - have not tried but it might be like the cda plugin and need configured.

hopefully the next release will allow you to configure the plugins to get them to work correctly.

i use mpc audio compression and it needs configured as well but after you get it configured, it plays them well
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 09, 2002 01:58PM
CoolPlayer User, where do you use these plugins, I've looked all over the program and can find nowhere to place plugins, its not even in the faq, I'd be interested in how you tried to implement them. Just a personal thing but the only recorded formats I would use would be mp3 (lame ecoder) or better still the Ogg format (I only use this now), these are the best formats I have found music quality.
CoolPlayer User
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 09, 2002 03:24PM
hi nocpu
you just stick the in_***.dll files in the same folder as coolplayer.exe. it is suppose to pick them up automatically. for instance, i am using in_mpc.dll for the musepack encoded songs. if you want to load a song into the player and it is not shown, use the drop down window for files of type and select all files (*.*). this is how i get the mpc files to load.

you might want to try mpc, the quality of the music is very good. may i suggest trying a few songs at the standard level?? and then comparing them to the mp3 and ogg. i think you will be surprised about the quality. mp3 and ogg are both very good but, mpc is incredible.

any other questions - just post i will try and help
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 11, 2002 04:54PM
Thanks for the great info, the mpc format sounds interesting and I'll keep my eye on it in the future. At the moment though I think all digtial music formats sound just as good as the source if you record at high enough bit rates, so for me its more a question of file size, how small can I make a file and still have it sound good! I think many people dont mind file sizes too much when hard drives keep getting bigger, but I really like space to be used efficiently, also if the same logic was applied to other formats not just music the net would be a hell of a lot faster winking smiley
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 13, 2002 05:09AM
{you just stick the in_***.dll files in the same folder as coolplayer.exe}

Hi guys,

I use monkey audio ( .ape ) for listenning to alot of my personal recorded songs,I've placed the in_ape.dll into the cool players dir,but can't get cool player to play this perfect compressed wave lossless file format other than an occasional little high pitched squeal.Since monkey audio is allso a open source project has is ogg which I use too,shoud'nt the APE. format be included with the cool player.

Allso it's good that cool player is using the mad decoder which I used with winamp so has to achieve 24bit wave output.With winamp which I have now uninstalled maybe somewhat prematurely I could select the wave_out and configure for 16_24_32 bit resolution output,how do I do this with coolplayer.

Thanx for this software it is really cool if not yet configurable enough,though I have just got it to play my cd's :-) .
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 13, 2002 09:47AM
Hi DANCEnRg, I've used Monkey’s Audio before its a very good program, I personally use a program called OptimFROG which has the same compression rates as Monkey’s Audio and is also free, the main reason I use it is just because its very small and doesnt need an install just like coolplayer.

"shoud'nt the APE. format be included with the cool player."
I personally would prefer coolplayer just to handle one format very well as apposed to many formats not very well. I'm a firm believer in small is beautiful, tight code well programed and you end up with coolpayer which on my own systems has never crashed in two years of use! That said I'm never opposed to adding new formats to something like cool player, that is as long as it stays small and stable (no intergration into windows etc). I think they way to go with coolplayer is definitely the plugin root, that way the original program can be futher refinde smaller/tighter for those who prefer it and yet scalable at the same time with plugins. At the moment I'm quite happy with coolplayer the way it is, now if it was just 1k smaller...... winking smiley
CoolPlayer User
Re: Winamp 2.x Plugins
November 13, 2002 09:38PM
i think it needs to be configured. the high pitch squeal i think is because of the output being 24 bit. i copied my in_ape.ini file here for you.

[Plugin Settings]
Thread Priority=2
File Display Method=%1 - %2
Normalize Percentage=98
Normalize Cutoff=90
Scale Output=1
Ignore Bitstream Errors=1
Suppress Silence=0
VBR Display=1

to convert back to an ini file-
open notepad (not wordpad)
copy and paste the above into notepad
save it as IN_APE.in *** save as type *.* notepad defaults to text files.
now you should have an IN_APE.ini file wherever you saved it to.
cut and paste this into coolplayers folder with the in_ape.dll file.
if all goes well you can now open coolplayer goto the folder where your ape files are and tell coolplayer to open all files (*.*) they should show up and play ok.

Note scale output=1 is for 16 bit streams
scale output=0 is for 24 bit streams
to change the setting just open it again with notepad - change it - then save. if something goes wrong and you end up with *.txt change the extension to *.ini
this "should" work i did the same with in_mpc.dll for musepack

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