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Burning audio cds with coolplayer output?

Posted by Sam Buffalo 
Burning audio cds with coolplayer output?
September 11, 2002 01:37PM

Is there anyway to use output from the coolplayer engine (in particular with the cooler wave mapper) in burning an audio cd? I would prefer the sound to roxio's easycd, but i'm unsure how to do it. Suggestions? Also, does anyone know of a cd burner that uses the mad engine? Thanks for any advice!
You can set Coolplayer's output to 'file writer'. Then you get wav files. Those can be burned with any CD burner program (be sure to choose 'burn audio CD').

I'm not familiar with Roxio's EasyCD and I don't know of any CD burner programs that use the MAD MP3 decoder. I don't think it exists. But the procedure I described before works very good.
Follow-up question, though.

There is an incredible sound difference when i select the "cooler wave mapper" option. If i select the "file writer" output option, i no longer get the "cooler wave mapper" benefit, right? Is there any way to get this additional sound quality when i convert the mp3 to wav using this "file writer" output option?

(i'll add another question. My main computer is a 2 year old laptop, and when i change the output from DirectSound plugout to Cooler Wave Mapper, there is a huge increase in sound quality. But when i try the same trick on another computer, a new higher end desktop, there isn't any similiar increase. Why? I'm curious about this....)
In all 3 cases (cooler wave mapper, directsound and file writer) MAD is doing the decoding. The difference between wave mapper and directsound is the way the sound is handled by Windows: by the Windows wave device or by DirectX (also part of the Windows operating system). If the directsound option sounds bad, you have an old, bad DirectX version.

In conclusion: the wave file you produce with the file writer will sound exactly the same as the mp3 file you play through the cooler wave mapper (except of course when you play the wave file through directsound).


Great, thanks Wim !
I think you're missing the point, GodsMadClown. Sam's turning mp3s into CD audio, not ripping CDs already at hand.
OK, it sounds simple enough, but I haven't figured out how to make
wav files with coolplayer. I have build 206 running under win2000
and XP. Yes, I can get into Options... and change to File output.
Um (duh,...) then what? I've tried redirecting standard output, looking
for new and strange files where the input file is,... but it's just not
obvious where to "get" the wav file I'm looking for.

So what did I miss?


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