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All right we're in August - where's 2.06

Posted by Roj 
Re: All right we're in August - where's 2.06
August 20, 2002 02:59PM
"Oh wait, it's too late."

Yup - you done gone and spread that excrement of yours all over da place. grinning smiley


"Faith manages."
- jms
Re: All right we're in August - where's 2.06
August 28, 2002 02:56AM
"If they can't do so logically or take it personally, then he or she get taken apart a line at a time."

In my experience, you have no desire logical argument with the intention of learning (we all have something to learn from one another). Instead, you have a point of view that you wish to bash upon another, and stop at nothing to get your pont across. And when your things aren't going your way, you try to call an end to the thread.

"Anyone who has worked in the real world knows that management of user expectations is key to the success of any software project."

I am a professional programmer, and I know this point well. However, coolplayer *is not* a commercial product. The same rules do not apply. Often, the most important thing to a programmer on an open source project, is the satisfaction and pride in coding something the way *you personally* feel it should be coded. Relasing it to others, and finding that they enjoy it as well is icing on a sweet cake. An open source developer is not driven by profit, and so "management of user expectations" is not a high priority.
Re: All right we're in August - where's 2.06
August 31, 2002 06:45AM
Heated argument is one thing, but a lot of you need to grow up. Calling each other names and hurling insults does not help matters at all. Just about everyone made a mistake here, and therefore were wrong in your actions. If you don't like someone's post, take 15 minutes to cool down before your start the flames, and don't type anything you wouldn't say to someone's face.

That being said, what in my opinion could have happened is that someone could have taken a whopping 30 secs out of their day to say that their previous finishing estimates were wrong and that the next release would be prolonged indefinitely. But that's just my view.
Re: All right we're in August - where's 2.06
September 03, 2002 01:57PM
about marcus0's comment....
isn't it kinda funny... fishing for crabs... get it? fish... crabs... nvrmnd.
love cp. can't wait till 206. nd i'd like to fish for crabs too. hehehe
Re: All right we're in August - where's 2.06
September 10, 2002 09:46PM
gg special olympics...

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