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Posted by Pablo 
July 30, 2002 01:40AM
Just downloaded CoolPlayer, after many freeze probs with Winamp (am I the only unhappy customer?), but having one problem. When I try any sort of changing windows/switching URL's/copying files the music starts skipping. Getting really annoying, since I spend a lot of time multitasking. Is it the location I'm running it from (i think I'm in a temp file for the time being)?
Re: Skipping
July 30, 2002 03:25AM
Well what type of computer do you have? Because if you are running off a 486 you might just be @!#$ out of luck. For me I'm running a 1 Gig T-Bird (pretty old in today's world) and I have a VERY difficult time making CP skip. Even when having 10 other programs opening and then trying to opening something like Adobe.
Re: Skipping
July 30, 2002 04:57AM
Yeah, running an Atholon XP 1500 on my notebook, with 384 mb of RAM. It shouldn't be the CPU. I went ahead and copied the .exe to my program files, to see if it would help, and it doesn't seem to help
Re: Skipping
July 30, 2002 07:51PM
What is the output for CP? When I do Direct Sound Plugin it skips a bunch, switch it over to Cooler Wave mapper. You can find those settings by right clicking on CP and selecting "Options" then its right there under "Output". Maybe this will fix your problem!
Re: Skipping
August 01, 2002 04:30PM
also try upgrading your sound drivers, video drivers, and get the windows updates. if your on win9x make sure there's no irq conflicts
Re: Skipping
October 16, 2002 07:44AM
Switch off UDMA, this solves the problem most of the times. UDMA for speed sake, simply switches off the CPU for short times :-(

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