Default CP Skin as a Skin?
July 09, 2002 11:51PM
Been using CP for years (I remember the original "pee" skin!) and it is still the best damned player out there. While I like some of the changes made since going open source, some have been removed (play next song selected in playlist a.k.a. "click-queue," playlist numbering, filename paths, re-arrange columns (although they were never saved *sigh*), etc.) and I miss them. I hope they return before too long.

In the meantime, I seem to remember there being a skin (possibly on the page, but I can't find it now) that was an exact copy of the current default skin. Why do I need this? Because I have another skin set (CoolShade) that has a couple of small versions of the the full interface and I'd like to make a cycle set of the three modes (normal with EQ, mid-size w/o EQ, and titlebar-sized winshade mode). But if I specify "default" at the "NextSkin" target, then it returns to the previous skin when I try to switch away from default (rather than the next one in the cycle as I would like - in fact that next one will not come up again).

In other words, CP's own ini file doesn't support the "NextSkin" setting so I need a skin that emulates the default one so I can avoid using the NextSkin=default setting. (Yes, I know I could make it myself from the images still up at the daansystems site, but I really haven't got the time I'm afraid.)

Does anyone still have that skin file floating about? I've paged through all the skins at a couple of sites, but it's tedious and time-consuming to do so and I have had no luck so far.

One other comment since I'm on the topic: if I haven't changed the playlist skin, why does the playlist window need to be re-drawn? The flickering is very annoying and distracting (in part because it's not a fast re-draw either).

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