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206 progress

Posted by MarcusO 
206 progress
July 02, 2002 08:05AM
Version 206 is comming along nicely now - the zip file reader is done and the new playlist control is looking pretty solid. The only job left on 206 now is the import of old format skins.

Once this is done - the plan (at the moment) is;

- New skin system for the rest of the player (float actives/multiple targets/animation/better language support in song titles)
- New skin selection system

- Import other players skins (any preferences on this one???)
- The new "TrackStack" system (will replace the current dodgy random play with something more useful - also support for "Play this track next" in the playlist)
Re: 206 progress
July 03, 2002 05:41AM
For other players' skins, I would say Winamp3, QCD, and Sonique if possible.
Re: 206 progress
July 04, 2002 07:06AM
I've got a better Idea: Write a skin converter programm. That will keep Coolplayer small and people who don't need skins from other programms [like me winking smiley ] as well as the ones who want them are happy.

P.S. excuse my bad english
Re: 206 progress
July 05, 2002 03:18AM
how about a option to not use a skin at all, i nearly always have many many program open on my computer and a mp3 player will bog it down so i cant open anything else, coolplyer is the best thing i have found in relation to ram usage grinning smiley
but i would still just like to see a little box with a few buttons the song name and that be pretty much it, when i play mp3 and oggs i dont open the program to look at it, i open it to play music
Re: 206 progress
July 05, 2002 05:56PM

Can you say "needless bloat and useless consumption of system resources"????????

Re: 206 progress
July 07, 2002 10:07PM
The filename tab for the playlist doesn't seem to be resizable. =P Hmm...and is there a way to use the old default playlist skin...that is, no skin so that it uses windows default colors?
Re: 206 progress
July 23, 2002 03:38PM
Kim: It sounds like you're either looking for a commandline interface for coolplayer (which i believe already exists), or a super-lightweight skin to work with.
The skin I could help with. If you'd like, email me, and i can whip out a quick one (w/o playlist) that has those features on it in a very short time. =)

- infinil
supported skins
July 24, 2002 04:18PM
I think it would be nice if it could support winamp 2.x skins, if only because there are so many of them out there (and some of them are very good indeed).
Re: 206 progress
July 24, 2002 05:36PM
What about OGG tag support like title number, artist info, track title and so on?

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