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New version issues

Posted by stylofone 
New version issues
June 30, 2002 04:14AM
Hi, I've just started using 205, switching from build 8472.

First of all, I love Coolplayer, I got it first for my feeble P75, but I use it on every PC now, even a PIII which can handle anything. I am REALLY happy it now supports ogg and Winamp input. I have done a quick test on the Monkeys Audio Winamp input plugin and it works with Coolplayer. So now Monkeys and coolplayer are compatible which is fantastic. So thanks.

Now the negatives:

I can't for the life of me get the id3 window to open - clicking on the file name in the player won't do it, and the ID3 edit button in the playlist seems to have disappeared.

Numbering seems to have disappeared from the playlist - I liked having it there. I like to have MASSIVE playlists and it was kinda handy.

Also, the PATH has disappeared from the playlist. Most of my mp3s do not have id3s. For some the filename is the song title only. So the only way to display the artist is look at the name of the containing folder, in the path on the playlist.

Anyone else having these problems?
Re: New version issues
June 30, 2002 06:37AM
Check out the preview of version 206; it brings back filepaths. It's two threads previous to this one. As for the ID3 editting, you rightclick the tag you want to change to edit it. If you press F1 while in CoolPlayer, it brings up a window and you can read the what's changed under the Changes tab.
Re: New version issues
July 02, 2002 02:01PM
I like the new way of tagging from the playlist, but I don't like that I can't open a tag window by clicking on the filename-field on the Player anymore.
I also would like to change the filename over the playlist (if file isn't played on the same time).


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