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Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?

Posted by Daven 
Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
June 27, 2002 05:06PM
First things first: KUDOS. Tiny. No registry-entanglements. Fast.
Works. Beautiful. Plays OGGs.

Is the information available?

In particular, coolplayer autoruns from a directory when a cdrom
is inserted, and although I've found by experimentation how to
point it to the skin and playlist, it's kind've smoky mirrors.

The existence of the .ini file creates an irrestible urge to try to optimize
it... :^)
Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
June 28, 2002 06:49AM
The ini file is just a simple file with all the settings, you can
edit it so it reads stuff from the local directory (like skins or playlists).
You can also use the commandline options. Enter:
coolplayer -h
on the commandprompt to see what you can do.
Specific question about specifics:
If I start up coolplayer with

C:\$ D:\coolplay\coolplayer

how does it search for a coolplayer.ini file?

Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
July 17, 2002 07:58PM
What does C:\$ mean?

CoolPlayer reads it's .ini file from the directory where coolplayer is located.
Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
August 30, 2002 05:29PM
> Specific question about specifics:
> If I start up coolplayer with
> C:\$ D:\coolplay\coolplayer

It was an attempt to indicate a dos prompt indicating I was on drive C:, in dir \, execing coolplayer from a dir \coolplay\ on drive D:.

The full story is this. I put coolplayer in a hidden dir on each mp3-now-ogg cdr I burn, along w/ a hidden autorun.inf along with a skin dir which I make a subdir w/i coolplayer's dir. (Everything's hidden to avoid confusing newby recipients of the cdrs; they just shove in a cdr and up pops a coolly skinned cooplayer playing its heart out.)

There have been a few problems: 1) the drive letter for the CDR cannot be known, and 2) before your post, I wasn't sure how to configure autorun.inf for coolplayer to find its coolplayer.ini, and still 3) how to configure coolplayer.ini to find its skin(s).

I have figured it out from trial and error and just copy that config to each new cdr but I wanted to check my 'model' with how it really works.
Re: autorun.ini
November 12, 2002 08:47PM
Apologize for resurecting this old thread; but I really would like to know what Daven's autorun.ini reads like. I have similar reasons, ie, mp3 CD's to PC illiterate friends.
Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
December 10, 2002 03:22AM
here we go to answer some questions first, autorun.inf

***BEGIN Autorun.inf***
open=cp\coolplayer.exe "default.m3u"
***END Autorun.inf***

notice that you dont need to use drive letters above!

and as far as coolplayer.ini

***BEGIN skin section Coolplayer.ini***
***END skin section Coolplayer.ini***

notice the skinfile1= line it starts with ./ this means the directory where the .ini is. You could also use ../ to mean up a directory Now you dont have to worry about drive letters when making skinned mp3 cds!!

hope this helps,
Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
December 11, 2002 06:25PM
Why doesn't skin.ini take relative/absolute paths?
Re: Coolplayer.ini, specifics of?
December 12, 2002 08:30PM
it does, but for some reason .\ dosent work.

eg coolplayer.exe and .ini are in a folder called cp. also in this cp folder is a subfolder called cpskins which has folders for your skins.

you can specifiy the skin file this way and it will work


sorry about my previous post as it was incorrect.

at this time coolplayer will NOT save relative paths but this should work if the coolplayer.ini file is edited manually and added to a cd.

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