League goals under The North Face windbreaker
December 25, 2017 05:46AM
Manchester City home 4-0 win over Bournemouth, half war thrush 19 ball 60 balls, and the blue moon in 38 league games in 2017 has scored 101 goals, breaking Manchester United keep the Premiership record, catch up 1982 Liverpool 106 ball heroic miracles.

In Guardiola's tuning, Manchester City offensive firepower this season, full outbreak, after 18 rounds have scored 56 goals, the The North Face Store Premiership over the same period goal record behind. The game in the face of the current poor state of Bournemouth, blue moon without any hesitation, the top scorer header at Aguero scored twice, Stirling and Danilo each scored 1 goal, eventually recorded a 4-0 Big win, but also make the Premier League leader half-way goal to achieve a staggering 60 goals, averaging more than three goals!

Prior to this round, Manchester City scored 97 goals in the league in 2017, just 3 balls away from the 100-ball mark. As a result, World War I successfully achieved a breakthrough and increased the number to 101, making it the first club in the history of the Premiership Naturally the total number of goals scored three-digit team!

Premier League goals scoring record holder was originally Manchester United. In 2000, Manchester United scored 95 goals in 40 league games under Ferguson's leadership. The record lasted 17 years and was finally broken by the "noisy neighbor", a city rival. And three times in a single year, the 90-ball mark: Chelsea (91 goals) in 2010, the Red Devils in 1999 (91 goals) and the 2012 United (90 goals).

The last team to score more than 100 goals in the Premier League in a natural year was Liverpool in 1982, when the Red Army, The North Face Jackets at its peak, recorded 106 Premier League goals under coach James Paisley. The history of England's top leagues is Aston Villa in 1931 to create 120 goals.

Manchester City left two games this year, has a guest challenge Newcastle and Crystal Palace. As long as they scored five goals in these two games, they can tie up Liverpool 35 years ago, 6 goals to go-ahead, averaging 3 goals "just", do not forget the first leg confrontation, 0 captured Eagle Corps. But want to catch up with Aston Villa's record, it is simply impossible.

101 shocks a year enough, but Manchester City is not even the top five leaders in Europe: Barcelona in the 2017 Liga Cup recorded The North Face windbreaker 120 goals! Paris Saint-Germain also have 103 goals in this year's Ligue 1. However, with the highly competitive and defensive toughness of Premiership, Guardiola's Blue Moon Corps will be able to move beyond the history of all Premier League teams and refresh history, enough to make everyone in Manchester City proud of it.

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