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December 14, 2017 01:27AM
Today brings my first review from the Pandora Winter 2017 collection, with a closer look at the stunning new pandora charms soldes! This was my ‘day one’ purchase, and I scooped it up as part of my haul for the Pandora UK Christmas ornament gift with purchase.The Wintry Delight leapt out at me as a must-have as soon as I first saw the Winter 2017 sneak peeks. It’s a simple, yet wonderfully executed design. The deep blue of the enamel offers a vibrant, yet elegant splash of colour without the expense of the other pave or CZ-based beads. The contrast of the polished silver snowflakes against the deep blue is just beautiful.
As in previous years, the pandora bracelet pas cher, the charity’s teddy bear mascot. He’s full-bodied, with enamel used to detail the white in his bandana and coloured spots – there are no CZs in this year’s charm. It’s a cute design, and I do like the movement captured in his stance, his hand raised to wave to us. It’s effectively the same design, but just in a different stance. It’s cute, and I think I might prefer it to the 2016 charm, but there’s little incentive for people to get both charms, apart from the donation to charity and the desire to get the set. People suggested some great ideas for this year’s charm before we knew what it was – a polka dot murano, or Blush, Pudsey’s female companion – and it would have been nice to see something a bit different.
For anyone else who’s a Pandora packaging geek like me, pandora bague soldes has come with its own box sleeve.The 2016 one is top left, the 2015 one is in the middle, and the 2017 one is beneath. I quite like the slightly more elegant black and gold colour scheme they picked for this year’s!The back of the charm is not that detailed, but does feature the year inscribed on Pudsey’s back and hallmarks on his legs. The bandana with its enamel pops of colour is visible, too.To finish off, this is how I’ve styled my Pudseys, with one in each section. This is my pink/purple ‘classic’ Pandora bracelet, paying homage to some of the cutest silver character beads over the years. The Pudseys are very old-school Pandora in style, and so they blend in beautifully.
Both charms get instant brownie points for being plain silver, and heavily reliant on oxidisation and silverwork for their detail. There’s not a hint of enamel or CZ in sight, and they have that pandora bijoux soldes feel while incorporating some of new Pandora’s sophisticated detailing. They’re both very solid, without being too weighty to wear comfortably.Despite being part of the same collection, the charms have quite different styles. Thumper is quite ‘zoomed in’, and incredibly detailed, while Bambi is more petite and elegant.
These beads are two of my favourite designs Pandora have produced this year, up there with the bijoux charms pandora pas cher and the wonderful Tigger and Piglet charms from earlier this year. But then I was always going to love Bambi charms! I like that there’s no additional sparkle or colour – Pandora allow the charms’ designs to shine, with adorable results! It’s both delightful and frustrating – delightful that Pandora are still willing and able to produce this kind of characterful silver detailing, but frustrating that they do so so infrequently.

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