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Manchester City is also The North Face Jackets

Posted by lahahaz26 
Manchester City is also The North Face Jackets
December 12, 2017 06:15AM
Manchester City in the Champions League unbeaten gold body was broken, but for Guardiola, it is not unacceptable to lose a match, not unacceptable; unloaded unloaded baggage, nor is it a bad thing. Because there is a more important game below - Manchester Derby.

Manchester United vs. Manchester City, described by many media as the traditional giants and "upstart" contest. Manchester City fans will feel subjected to contempt and insult: Blue Moon has won the Premier League championship twice, led by Guardiola this season, winning the league 13 straight, tied history. Scoring more, playing good-looking, among the strongest teams in Europe. So the question is: Manchester City is just the upstart, or really wealthy?

As the originator of modern football, the history of British football has a long history, the origin of the movement, the establishment of the rules, the establishment of the Football Association, etc. Needless to say, England Football League was founded in 1888 and has been in existence for nearly 130 years. Therefore, the British football special pay attention to "heritage", a few decades ago the championship may now be reduced to the Champions League, can still get a lot of fans to worship, The North Face Jackets recalled memories of the past. The new champions, which rely on capital and especially foreign capital to rise rapidly, are often unhappy with many neutral fans. The so-called "money can not buy history" is also labeled as "lacking in details" ".

Manchester United 20 Top Rank Championship, 13 Premiership Champions, 3 Coronation Champions League, has a strong heritage, on the entire history of football are one of the greatest giants. Manchester City? Only two championship titles were won before 2012, most recently in 1968, at the turn of the century, or the famous lift. However, after being acquired by Mansour, the Blue Moon suddenly went off, wielding a check for wanton signings, bought the star with money and bought the champion.

Someone said: Manchester United is not on the transfer market crazy throw money, want to buy the lost champion glory it? Manchester United will rely on the gold flagship of the traditional giants and powerful business development capabilities to make money, and Manchester City rely on the blood transfusions, by the United Arab Emirates Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Mansour, as well as behind him Le-Nahayan family check. In short, is despised "upstart".

Indeed, from the point of view of fortune, Manchester City is indeed the definition of "upstart", and comparable to Chelsea in 2003. The North Face Store The lack of heritage when they first entered the Champions League, but also unobtrusive UEFA, repeatedly caught in the group of deaths, due to financial fair act penalty, suffered enough, then entered the playoffs as the practice, the furthest only reached the semi-finals. Therefore, in the political ecology of European football, Blue Moon did not have too high position, but not among the "Senate" and become the rules of the game developers.

Take the European Club Association (ECA), the 15-member executive board, the new chairman elected this year is Juventus Andrea The North Face windbreaker - Agnelli, the first vice president is Real Gimenez. Manchester United's Woodward, Arsenal's Gazidis, Barcelona's Bartomeuu, Bayern's Greeninger (Rummenorge is the former chairman), and even the chairman of Greater Paris Nasser are all executive members, but no Manchester City people. ECA's five working groups cover top-level talent in competitions, finance, youth training and market development. Only one of the more than 100 working group members is from Manchester City. Earlier there was a plan to build a new Super League outside the Champions League, when Manchester City was also removed in the ranks of wealthy.

However, since Mansour's acquisition of Manchester City in 2008, it has taken nearly 10 years. If you think the Blue Moon is still an upstart, it would be too small to look at this affluent Arab country. Mansour, born as a nobleman, is the son of Abu Zayed II and now the younger brother of the UAE President, but he is by no means a compulsive one. After completing his studies in the motherland, Mansour traveled to the United States for higher education and a bachelor's degree in international relations when he was 23 years old. From this we can see that he has a broad international perspective.

After returning home, Mansour served as the head of many government agencies and became one of the most influential figures in the UAE's political arena. In the meantime, he has also achieved great success in business and investment, accumulating huge amounts of wealth. In 2009, just one year after its acquisition of Manchester City, Forbes magazine announced that his personal property reached 17 billion pounds, ranking him 39th in the world under the age of 40. Chelsea boss Abu compared to him, a trifle.

When Mansour founded the Abu Dhabi United Group acquired Manchester City, Naples boss DeLaurentisi predicted that Manchester City is only his toy, tired when he will be thrown away, the British media is even more strongly encouraged On the tune. In fact, Mansour, a man with a low profile, has a greater ambition than any other movie mogul who can afford to imagine.

When Mansour came in, he issued an open letter, admitting to the fans that he knew little about the history of Manchester City, but the next history was written by him personally. Of course, the most basic is to quickly establish the brand Manchester City, and the quickest and most effective way is to throw money to buy stars to form a winning team. So from 2008 to 2011, Abu Dhabi consortium spent nearly 600 million pounds in the ball market, has introduced Robinho, Carlos Tevez, Dzeko, Yaya Toure, Balotelli, David - Silva, Nasri and other big names, and ultimately in the 2011-2012 season, goal difference to beat Manchester United, won the team's first Premier League championship.

However, the championship is not Mansour's ultimate goal in the arena. Let Manchester City as Barcelona kicked a very recognizable degree of beautiful football, so that Manchester City Barcelona become unique in the football giants, is his pursuit. So former Barcelona executives Begij Lishan and Soriano came, was entrusted with the task of copying Barcelona. So Manchester City football academy stood up, cost up to 200 million pounds, "New Lamaxiya" in the name of spread like wildfire. More important is the founder of Barcelona "dream three team" Guardiola, came with his philosophy of football, after the run-up last season, Guadalcanal city this season, winning the Premiership 13 consecutive victories, with 8 points lead Standings, people exclaimed "new universe team" has been born.

Of course, Manchester City is not yet a true "cosmic team" until the first Champions League win in history, before winning the Champions League ear cup for the first time in history, but no doubt they are moving in the right direction on the right path. In this sense, today's Manchester City planning than the then Chelsea, now Greater Paris planning more far-reaching, more professional operation, they have taken off the "upstart" hat, honestly "real wealthy" forward .

What's more, Mansour is still doing something that other traditional giants have never done before. In 2014, he co-founded City Football Group with Manchester City Chairman Mubarak, and a year ago Manchester City partnered with the famous New York Yankees baseball club to inject $ 100 million into the New York City football team. In 2014, City Football Group spent $ 12 million to acquire 80% of Melbourne's ambitions for the Outright team and changed its name to Melbourne City. In May of the same year, the group invested in the veteran Japan team J-League Yokohama sailors.

In March of this year, City Football Group completed the acquisition of Tui Aquatics, the second division of Uruguay, and built a new training base and new stadium for it. In August, another 44.3% stake in the Spanish club Girona was acquired, making it the club's largest shareholder. As a result, the city football team under the jurisdiction of the team has reached six (including Manchester City itself), throughout Europe, Oceania, Asia, North and South America. In 2015, the Chinese capital invested 400 million acquisition of 13% of City Football Group shares, perhaps the "Manchester City" the next team will be born in the Super Stadium.

In addition, Manchester City is also a number of countries in the world to build training base, signed a cooperation agreement with the local clubs, football schools set up to export their own football values. In short, Mansour established the Abu Dhabi Football Empire through the Manchester City Club and the City Football Group. Its territory is constantly expanding and its ambitious global strategy leaves European traditional giants behind.

Behind all this, not a billionaire is playing the rich playwright, as one of the leaders of the UAE, as the facade of the big family in Abu Dhabi Mansour in pursuit of the image and status of their own country to enhance . As the brightest business card of the Empire, Manchester City not only has to become a true football giants, but also takes on other important missions during and after becoming a "real giants." Therefore, it is defined solely by the term "upstart" Manchester City, is really appropriate


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