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according to Barcelona mouthpiece The North Face windbreaker

Posted by lahahai26 
according to Barcelona mouthpiece The North Face windbreaker
November 18, 2017 03:29AM
In the world of football, what have you seen the best Messi look like? Massey, considered by most to be the best football player in the world, quickly decided to take action after losing to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final. He has found the best professionals to take care of his diet. Giuliano Bosporus, the Italian The North Face Store doctor, started to manage Messi's diet after Argentina lost to Germany in the 2014 World Cup final.

Messi after dietary adjustments, his weight has been significantly changed, making his physical condition greatly improved

Giuliano - Poser, the Italian doctor specializing in sports nutrition. He explained Macy's nutrition plan to the Italian Evening Post and was confident that it would give everyone the best Messi on the court. With reference to motor kinetics, (a disciplined diet that promotes good muscle responses) helps Messi overcome the muscle problems he had previously encountered.

The term super gasoline is used to define global food, all based on the principle that "water, olive oil, cereals, fresh The North Face windbreaker fruits and vegetables must be non-GMO food and not be contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and other harmful substances. Because these things would be very damaging to the body and the recipe included a lot of good nuts, "explained Polpsi patiently in the Italian newspaper.

In other aspects of dietary guidance, Dr. Porter explains: "Sugar is the worst thing about muscle, and refining flour on the other hand is a major issue, and it's clear that in the current environment, it's hard to find one Healthy and pollution-free wheat. "In regulating the diet, doctors also advised to pay attention to salt intake:" Given that Macy's muscles and body are normal, he only needs very little salt. On the other hand, we also need to adjust the amount of meat Messi in the past days, Lionel Messi very much like barbecue, especially the kind of variety, a wide range of bacon. The use of meat should be carried out according to regulations, which must There are far fewer traditional eating habits than Argentine and Uruguayans, and it is really hard for them to consume them for the human body. "Dr. Porter added:" The human body is a machine, and you It must be eaten, and must be eaten well so that it can work well for the muscles, as well as Messi, and he can work only if he is well eaten Better. Messi is very smart and he has amazing instincts, which makes him a great athlete. "

As a result, Messi lost three pounds while undergoing systemic dietary conditioning and Massey's body became more fiber-rich and frivolous. In addition, Messi significantly reduced his injuries and his body became healthier (Messi had a total of 11 injuries between 2006 and 2013, nine of which were muscle problems) and in recent years In addition to The North Face Jackets the only one left knee medial ligament rupture remained basically healthy, that the injury is due to the high confrontation with the opponent.

This summer, according to Barcelona mouthpiece "Daily Sports Daily," the relevant reports, the team summer training, the team found Messi in their best in recent years. Because all Barcelona players wear a GPS tracker to monitor their body and metabolism during the preseason games, the Gps data after the first preseason show that Messi is in very good shape Condition. According to the media revealed after the relevant data and various parameters show that Messi's physical status is relatively the best in recent years. The data includes running distance during the race, instantaneous acceleration, maximum speed, sustained speed over 20 meters, aerobic capacity and many more. After the start of the season, Messi scored 12 goals in the 11 league games that have ended, averaging more than one goal per game, allowing him to lead the league in shooters. With the excellent performance of Messi, Barcelona is therefore in the league this season, Real Madrid has opened a gap of 8 points, becoming the title of the biggest hot team. Much to Lionel Messi's supporters, he has won 9 of the best Liga matches in the Ligue 1's Messi appearances this season. If you look to the Champions League, then Messi's data will be even more terrible. 4 Champions League 4 games won the best on the spot, Messi this season seems to usher in a new peak.

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