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Bracelets Old And New

Posted by ouiadsiad 
Bracelets Old And New
November 17, 2017 04:13AM
The earliest known trace we have of beaded bracelets dates back some 40,000 years, so beading and bracelets is not exactly a novelty. However the term 'bracelet' is not quite that old, it's origin is from the Greek 'brachile' which means 'of the arm'. In ancient Egypt bracelets were often made as Scarab bracelets which represented rebirth and regeneration representing the Scarab god responsible for pushing the sun across the sky. Cheap Pandora Rings In Greece a bracelet made from red and white string was worn from the spring until the end of summer to help protect the skin of the wearer from the strong sun. Many places in India the tradition is to wear a number of different types of bangles to denote a woman's marital status. Azabache bracelets in Latin America are worn to protect against the evil eye which is believed to be due to envious looks by others.

And the list of traditions from various areas goes on and on... and is too long to fit in this article. Throughout the ages 'bracelets' have been worn around the ankle (called anklet) and around boots etc. It has not only been for decoration as fashion bracelets, or for reasons mentioned above either, as it also is, and has been, used for medical and identification purposes, and also the arm protector (bracer) of archers is derived from the same Greek word. Bracelets are often used for mental or physical health reasons such as Karma bracelets, Ionized bracelets, Magnetic bracelets etc. which are supposed to have beneficial function. Sometimes religious or cultural, sometimes medical benefits. Materials used for bracelets varies from diamonds, pearls and precious stones, gold, platinum to metal plates, brass, pewter and other metals. Wood, bone, leather, plastic, glass, shells and many other thinkable, and unthinkable, materials are, or have been, used.

Beaded bracelets have been very common since the early stage and are still a widely used method to make bracelets where beads are mounted together on a string. Pandora Charms Cheap They may be made using one strand of wire or a few parallel strands of wire and beads. The wire used may, or may not, be stretchable. Bangles are very common, especially in certain cultures like Asian and African countries, but also in other areas. Bangles are made of various metals and may be adorned with stones, crystals, pearls or other types of decorative materials. Charm bracelets are often made with a chain that goes around the wrist and with various symbols or small figures attached. The figures may symbolize certain important things in the life of the bearer or just attached due to the preference of the person wearing it. Instead of using a string or a chain around the wrist, the bracelet may be put together by attaching beads one after another. They are commonly known as link bracelets. The main bulk of fashion bracelets are now made in China. So called Korean bracelets are actually also mainly made in China whereas the company's office may be in Korea and the design comes from there.

A very well-known range of fashion bracelets is made by Pandora A/S which was introduced in 2000 and have a patented threading system that allows charms to be easily added and rearranged. The price ranging from $175 to $3,000+ may be a bit high but the features are quite special and the quality guaranteed. Otherwise concerning quality and price, the variation is from very cheap and low quality to very expensive and high quality. Not thereby saying that high price signifies high quality. You may find high quality items at a reasonable price and you may get a lower quality item priced higher. This is often due to marketing strategies. In order to get the 'right quality' at the 'right price' you may consider making your own beaded bracelet or buy from a renowned source. Pandora Bracelet Price You can find a large number of sources for beads, beading instructions and ready made products on the Internet. To purchase online you should check whether the seller is a registered company and that it is showing their registration address. The company should also have a return policy in case there is something wrong with the order you receive. It may often be a bit more insecure to buy from a private person, especially someone unknown, as he/she can more easily 'run away' from their responsibilities. It is also a sign of seriousness if the company is not only selling finished products but also gives information on how to assemble your own handmade jewelry items.

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