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recent will make the The North Face Jackets

Posted by lahaha26 
recent will make the The North Face Jackets
November 15, 2017 05:08AM
Rumors of the transfer of Bell left Real Madrid again rumored, and Manchester United is still said to pass the Welsh star one of the most likely next home. In response, The Post questioned: over the past nine years have been plagued by injuries, the absence of the last 40 games in 60 Real Madrid games Bell is worth throwing billions of pounds to buy?

"The The North Face windbreaker Post" pointed out that after helping Real Madrid won the Champions League 3 and led the Welsh team to the semi-final The North Face Jackets of the European Champions 2016, 28-year-old Bell should now be at the pinnacle of his career, and every week for the Galaxy Battleship Played La Liga and the Champions League, but in fact it is, Bell continues to suffer from injuries, the next comeback is likely to be until after the New Year.

After the start of the season, Bell had been out for a month because of a lower leg injury, and has just begun to resume training, but the groin was injured, leaving the Welsh had to return to the treatment room again, basically reimbursed in 2017. The North Face Store In this regard, the Welsh coach Coleman is also very helpless, because of repeated injuries, the Real Madrid on the 11th missed Wales, Serbia, Ireland's key World Series preliminaries, resulting in Welsh eventually only 2 points missed the World Preliminary Round of play-offs .

Coleman also believes that Bell's frequent injuries should be related to Real's training arrangements: "Some players when they are older, they should change their training plans." Because another legendary Welsh player Ryan Giggs, provided A good example - through his practice of yoga and ice-bath after the game, so that his career lasted until the age of 40.

The Post also recalled that when Bell joined Real Madrid for £ 85 million in 2013, the former Tottenham genius was not 100% healthy when his right foot and knee were both injured, while the latest injury was Is Bell's 11th injury to Real after joining Real Madrid, which also allowed Bell to play only Real Madrid since 251 games 159 games, the ratio was only 63.35%.

There is no doubt that Bell 4 years of Real Madrid career is a success, he had scored 70 goals for the Galaxy Battleship and won a La Liga, a King's Cup, 3 Champions League and 1 Club World Cup champion, but now People are most worried about the problem is that his injuries appear more frequently, in the past Real Madrid 60 games, Bell has missed 40 games, and the recent injury will make the figure more than seven games.

Bell's injury to the 2016/17 season was basically ruined - starting from a 1-week absence from the buttocks and then resting for an ankle for 3 months, then from April to June, having missed 2 games due to a calf muscle strain 8 games. In the new season, Bell missed a 40-day, 8-game loss because of an injury to the calf and is now missing until the end of the year due to a groin injury.

If from the age of Tottenham, Bell's right foot, leg, knee, back, buttocks, left leg groin, hamstrings, thighs, ankles and other parts have suffered 18 times the size of the injury, so that had been very picky Real Madrid fans more dissatisfied with the performance of the Welsh, but during the injury to Bell, Isco and Assencio took the opportunity to win the Zidane's outstanding performance, but also greatly reduced the Real Madrid Bell's "miss" and rely on .

This is why the recent Bell transfer rumors have been the key to speculation again, the Galaxy warships clearly hope that Bell has not yet recovered sharply 85 million pounds of investment that year, but the "Post" pointed out that if Manchester United or other Premier League teams Really willing to spend the money to buy the injured Bell, is undoubtedly a great adventure.

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