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laminate flooring

Posted by harden 
laminate flooring
November 15, 2017 01:51AM
Floor feel elastic floor tiles better, no cold feeling, especially the better the comfort of solid wood flooring! So in terms of comfort is better than floor tiles. It is important, especially for families with children or for families that enjoy being barefoot at home. The wooden floor is "three-thirds floor seven installation", that is installed properly determines the quality of the floor 70%. Floor use is not ideal, to a large extent due to inadequate floor coverings caused. Floor to win the floor maintenance floor waxing and maintenance needs regular, there may be a single chip replacement. [Environmental protection floor] The floor is divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, parquet (laminate flooring) and laminate flooring. The three of the solid wood flooring is the best environmental protection, followed by parquet. Floor to adapt to the climate floor is generally not suitable for too dry or too much temperature difference between the climate, such as the North floor if you want to use only laminate flooring. If you want to warm it is not suitable for solid wood flooring. Adapt to the environment, solid wood flooring is more delicate. Floor can be used in the living room, solid wood floor feeling higher grade, if it is used in the room, solid wood flooring gives a warm feeling, bathroom and kitchen more easily damp area is not applicable. Tile floor tiles, also known as floor tiles. Baked with clay, a variety of specifications, quality, pressure resistant, moisture-proof. Floor tiles glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, parquet tiles, the whole body tiles, polished tiles, tiles, mosaics and so on. The advantages of floor tiles easy to clean, simple maintenance, easy to hide, no air pollutants; long life, you can generally use 10-20 years (floor tiles brand). Point of view: If you want enough convenience, then choose the brick it. Randomly in which building materials market, there are various sizes, all kinds of colors and patterns of tiles for sale. With a piece of floor tiles can spell their own vision of family life. And brick up is particularly convenient.
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