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revealed that although The North Face windbreaker

Posted by northface26 
revealed that although The North Face windbreaker
November 09, 2017 03:31AM
1-0 win over Championship rivals Manchester United, Stamford Bridge inside and outside and not a rejoicing, but because Louis was abandoned, technical director Emenello's resignation plunged. "Post" latest news shows Chelsea owner Abu has begun to participate more in the handling of the internal affairs of Chelsea, and intends to prevent Conti and players contradictions further intensified.

The Post revealed that Abu was now investigating whether the problem between Conti and the Chelsea players was intensifying after Louise was abandoned by Conti and Abu started more after the resignation of Chelsea Chief Technical Officer Emmenalo on Monday Participate in the daily management of Chelsea's internal affairs. The newspaper also disclosed that last week, Abu's visit to Chelsea base Cobham, the Russian billionaire asked about Conti and Chelsea players the relationship between the harmonious.

After winning the title last season, texting the head forward Costa deportation, and now Conti again with the defensive back to Louis devaluation, in the war with Manchester United, the Brazilian international did not even substitute list of no, only Take the stands. Although Conde decided after the game that the decision was based on tactical considerations, the British media revealed that The North Face Store it was due to Louis's questioning Italian tactics during last week's training session.

At the same time, the resignation of Emenello, the technical director responsible for the move, was also seen by the British media as a victim of the internal struggle in Chelsea. There is news that in The North Face windbreaker the past few months, Emenalo has not contacted Abu However, because Chelsea signings this summer is not smooth, he also had to be responsible. More importantly, the British media generally believe that Emenallo Nakondi's ally, he also hopes to introduce more powerful foreign aid, but did not get Chelsea's top support, and now his departure will only make "the battle alone" hole Di shoulder more pressure.

The Post revealed that although Abu did not question Conti's decision to abandon Louis, the Russian tycoon has begun to pay attention to the relationship between the Italians and his team because Abu is well aware that all the problems are likely to arise internally Start. Mourinho was fired in 2015 because of the irreparable rift between him and the player.

2 years ago to confirm Jose Mourinho get out of class, Emero'o was recognized Muscovites and the team obviously discordant, it is learned that Abu is now closely watching whether there is a similar problem Conti, in particular, he has and Coase Tower and Louise fall out.

According to "The Times" the latest news, the abandoned David - Louis also believes that he was punished Conti, not because he The North Face Jackets questioned the team's tactics, but because he and Diego - Costa The relationship is too close. The Manchester United star Gary - Neville pointed out that if in the next few games, Louis is still abandoned, once Chelsea back problems, the lens will immediately switch to Louis's face, just like the previous Terry, that way Conti, I am afraid that Conti will be more and more not reliable.

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