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consumer direct offense gets heavy play at nike's annual meeting

Posted by Meinhardt456789 
consumer direct offense gets heavy play at nike's annual meeting
September 22, 2017 07:16AM
In 1949, virtually nike air max paint drip every player in the newly minted NBA wore the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. Around that time, future NBA legend Julius “Dr. J” Erving was born. He might be famous for dunking from the foul line and rocking the Converse Pro Leather, but the Chuck Taylor is cemented in his childhood memories. “I know in my first look at basketball on TV, I saw my favorite players wearing Chuck Taylors. That was the shoe to get, ” Erving explains. “When you see people who you admire, people who you idolize, you look at them from head to toe…what they have on their feet is big. ” That legacy drives the Converse NBA collection. Launching September 29, the collection represents all 30 NBA teams through three articulations of the NBA Chuck Taylor All Star: Gameday, Legend, and Franchise.

The Chuck ’70 NBA Gameday includes 250 nike air max 90 candy drip individually numbered limited-edition pairs for each NBA team. Every shoe is made of authentic NBA jerseys and backed with a leather lining. Its leather interior features embossed NBA logos and collaborative Converse x NBA woven labels under the shoe’s tongue. For their new partnership with the NBA, not only is Nike providing teams with on-court uniforms, but the brand also presents an all-new pre-game garb with the Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket. Typically, it’s been all about comfort with pre-game gear — as performance is no doubt key — but the Swoosh wanted to award players with something equally as stylish. “We saw guys warming up in standard team-issued hooded sweatshirts, ” says Kurt Parker, Nike VP of Apparel Design. “The hood flopped around when they shot; the sleeves were baggy. ”

Of course, athlete input is key when designing something like this that nike air max 90 halloween for sale will be player-worn night in and night out. Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal insists, “It gets cold in the arena, so we want to keep our heads warm and still be able to pay attention to the game, or warm up and stay warm. At the same time, we want to be in something with swag and style. ”The end result is the Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket, featuring a new material called Nike Therma Flex, which is similar to a mid-weight fleece, but inverted. “A typical fleece is fuzzy on the inside and flat on the outside, but we made this flat against the skin and super-soft on the outside, ” notes Parker. “The outside has a dotted texture to it that traps body heat in the fabric, and it’s soft to the touch and smooth against the skin. ”

In addition, the fabric stretches in every direction, enhancing player movement. Zippers have then been applied to the sides to allow for increased mobility or venting when desired. Elastic cuffs also prevent the sleeves from making their way down onto the hand. To accommodate the hood, Nike has placed mesh over the ears so players can hear their coaches and teammates before the game, as well as to vent and keep them from overheating. “We learned that most guys prefer to wear a hood up, but it impedes the way they can see and hear, it moves around and it can get really hot, ” explains Parker. NBA players won’t be the only ones with their hands on Nike’s new Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket, however. nike air max 90 halloween Fan versions will be making their way online September 29.

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