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Playlist Text Color

Posted by Paul Harder 
Playlist Text Color
July 31, 2008 10:16PM
I downloaded Coolplayer+Portable 2.17.1 from PortableApps.com. I love the player, with only one tiny exception. In the playlist editor, the text for the currently playing song is in white on a light gray background. On some monitors I can barely make out what song is playing. If there were a configuration setting in an INI file that I could use to set the text color of the currently playing song, that would be great. Better yet would be the option to not only choose the color but also to boldface the text or to be able to change the background color behind it. I've looked at the tutorial for creating skins for the playlist, but I don't see anything that touches on this.
Re: Playlist Text Color
July 31, 2008 11:45PM
hi paul,
thats a good suggestion, and i consider this a fix so it will make
it into 220 when i have time.

the current version, 219, and the previous releases have skins
disabled for the playlists, so a tutorial won't help this time.
it's nice to hear you tried as well.

it's not set in stone yet, but i propose adding 3 new options
to coolplayer.ini, something like


the default values would be 255 each, making the text white. and
then people could customise it.

have a good day
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 01, 2008 06:35PM
Thanks for agreeing to move forward on this. But please consider doubling the number of color options so that you have one set for the currently playing song and another set for all of the others. Or, to keep the set of options down, specify colors the way HTML does, e.g., "#FFFF00" for yellow (max red and max green but no blue). Then you'd need only two colors for text -- one for the current song and one for all others. You might also consider an option for the background color for the selected song and another option for the background color for all other songs.

Of course, I'm a techie and know hexadecimal numbers -- many of your users might not like HTMLish color codes.
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 01, 2008 06:59PM
i understand your suggestion for HTML style colours, and i was thinking
this myself. i also thought the same as you when thinking of other users,
so maybe a poll is in order.

i can't envision users changing the text colour regularly, i see it as
a one off, and setting a few other INI settings shouldn't make that much
difference for a one time set up.

should the text colour be the same regardless of it being selected ?
if its "selectedness" is to be taken into account, it could bring the
colours upto 4 (selected/not selected - and playing/not playing).

your suggestion of making the current song bold is good as well.
when i get some time, i will play around with these and post a preview
to see if everything is ok.

have a good day
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 02, 2008 10:09PM
hi paul,
i managed to squeeze some time in today and have added the following
options to coolplayer.ini


the values above are examples. they are not found in coolplayer.ini
by default, they must be added if you want them as part of the
[Skin] section.

i will try and upload an unofficial relase for you to test.

have a good day
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 04, 2008 05:29PM
I like it!

How about also giving the playlist a toggle that, when activated, will force it to automatically scroll to the currently playing song? Alternatively, in the main player window do what you did with a left-click on the clock, but do it on the song title so that a click cycles among song title, artist and album?

And what would be really great is if the CoolPlayer team would take over the portabilization of the product and update it at PortableApps.com whenever you release a new version elsewhere. The biggest reason I started using it is because the portable version works so much better than VLC, the other portable player that's available there. Portable VLC crashes every few minutes.

Note: I really love the skin that the portable version of CoolPlayer has. The colors and styling are really, uh, searching for a word, "Cool".
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 05, 2008 05:39AM
hi paul,

im glad to here that you like my skin, and yes when the new stable version is out we (John and I) create e new poprtable version of it.
and thanks to wisepenguin to make it posible to change the playlist font color.

kind regards
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 15, 2008 02:02AM

I think I've figured out why CoolPlayer+Portable crashes. When I run on a machine where my USB drive is F:, it leaves three lines in coolplayer.ini that refer to drive F:. When I go to a machine where my USB drive is L:, the program crashes. But if I manually edit the ini file and change all "F:" to "L:", it works fine.

It would seem that the problem is that the program is not yet fully portable. Those three lines need to reference relative paths instead of absolute paths.
Re: Playlist Text Color
August 16, 2008 04:29PM
check you mail, please ;-)

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