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How USB Friendly is CoolPlayer?

Posted by Javier 
How USB Friendly is CoolPlayer?
July 09, 2008 04:07PM
How portable (USB, to carry around pc to pc) friendly is CoolPlayer? Meaning does it write settings to the registry and %appdata% directory (It seems as if settings are stored to the .ini but I'm just making sure) if not and can this be changed? Also can relative paths be used optionally (as a feature, even for library)? when in portable mode? e.g. X:\Music\Foo becomes F:\Music\Foo <--- can this feature be implemented (relative paths in general be added as a feature? (mainly for skins and a music library when operating from a usb device))
well that version is just a rip off of this version with a launcher that does not take care of relative locations but thx for the reply anyway though grinning smiley

The CoolPlayer+ Portable release at PortableApps.com does portablize CoolPlayer's settings. That's why it will start with the cool skin NeoRame made on each launch even as you switch PCs. So, if you're on the F:\ drive on one PC and the G:\ drive on another, it'll still work.

The PortableApps.com launcher takes care of portablizing your skin selection, last file played and last directory open. So you can easily load up CoolPlayer with your own skin, start the last song you were playing or open back up to your music directory on your device all automatically. CoolPlayer itself doesn't do that (it uses full paths with drive letters), so we do it for you in the launcher.

CoolPlayer doesn't have a library feature, though it does handle M3U files. If you want something with a library, Songbird Portable may be more what you want. We're working on that at PortableApps.com now with the assistance of a couple of the Songbird devs.

Kind Regards,
There is one little nagging quirk about CoolPlayer+Portable (which I use extensively). At work, my machine has three 1280x1024 displays. When I go home, no problem, because I have two displays that collectively add up to about the same pixel area. But when I go to teach at any of the local learning centers for the University of Phoenix, they have a single 1024x768 monitor. And I have a similar problem when I load the program up on my laptop. In both cases, I have to wipe out the coolplayer.ini file or I won't be able to see the player or its playlist editor. They'll be off screen.

Could this program be changed to query the screen space that's available and automatically throw out the prior placement if it won't be visible?
Re: How USB Friendly is CoolPlayer?
November 12, 2008 12:49PM
a better workaround will be to change the WindowX and WindowY properties in coolplayer.ini manually - instead of deleting the file.

if i get chance in the future, it is very likely i will do as you suggested.

have a good day

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