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Scrolling title: more stuff to scroll...

Posted by Nicky 
Scrolling title: more stuff to scroll...
April 02, 2003 04:42AM
It would be nice if...
Like, at the moment CoolPlayer shows the track title, scrolling if it is too long. This is good, but often the track title on its own is not enough... Could perhaps the Album name be revealed? Possibly in the top task name: ie instead of "COOLPLAYER", have "COOLPLAYER: The Four Seasons", or whatever the album name is. Those of us with classical music may have the track name being merely the movement's name (eg II Allegro ma non troppo), since placing the composition's name in each track name is repetitious.
Alternatively, the Album name could be added to the track name, and the result scrolled.
This suggests a generalisation: CoolPlayer could have options, whereby it is stated that the title line is to have which texts added, and likewise, the scrolling line. Perhaps %A for album name, %T for track title, %C for composer; humm, for artist, "A" is taken, so perhaps proper names should be used rather than abbreviations, the same names as appear in the Playlist Editor for example...

This information could be taken from the id tags, if one has been diligent in having them provided or entering them patiently...
Alternatively, the names of the file path could be used, though seeing "C:" would be a bit ugly. In my case, they go "C:\Music\Vivaldi\The Four Seasons (Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields)\Concherto No 1 Spring\I Allegro.ogg" and so on, though C:\Music\ contains a miscellany of individual tunes as well.
I suppose that if there were no ID information available, the display could fall back on the file path.

What I like is good clean sound. Solid, no glitches.

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