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Winamp plugins: Filetype reg., config.

Posted by ReDVsion 
I am an MPC user. Obviously coolplayer does not support it natively (nor to I expect it to), but with the winamp plugin it plays quite nicely.

The problem that I have is that while coolplayer WILL play these files, I have to go through some annoyances to do so. For example, the 'All Supported Files' option that coolplayer defaults to in the open file dialog does NOT include formats supported by additional plugins, and in addition to this there is no simplistic way to make coolplayer the default player for these files with the 'register filetypes' button.

In addition, winamp plugins cannot be configured through coolplayer. While generally not a problem since I can obviously configure the plugin in Winamp and later add to coolplayer, I am required to have a redundant audio player on my system for this.

In regards to the first point, I'd like to see the ability to add additional file types for coolplayer to register. It would also be nice to see the ability to NOT associate certain filetypes, as well as automatically registering the filetypes on startup (essentially mirroring certain features from winamp regarding this topic).

Just a suggestion,

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