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File Associaions and ripping

Posted by Stylus Pilot 
File Associaions and ripping
January 07, 2003 09:16AM
I love cool player! it so quick

i was wondering if eventually will it be able to play all audio formats? is that on the cards?

Also, will a user of cool player ever be able to rip cd's into different formats?

Re: File Associaions and ripping
January 10, 2003 03:09PM
For CD ripping, try CDEx - it's great and it's free. CoolPayer doesn't need to rip CDs. Let's keep it small, lightweight, and fast.

Separation of function is good.
February 08, 2003 05:43PM
I have used CDex for ripping, though it does struggle with this system's CD drive since I do rather prefer not to have jitter errors. "Full Paranoia" rules slow! (Slower than the play time, often) There is no need to add ripping to CoolPlayer.
However, it would be nice for CoolPlayer to be able to play a music CD straight, if only so as to remove one more file association from wunduhs mudia ployer, and thus come one step closer to not having that monster at all.
Except then you'd want some sort of access to CDDB to get the track names, etc. (as done by CDex) and here we go again. Sigh.

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