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Please don't chop my head off...re: equalizer

Posted by J e r n 
Just downloaded coolamp 2.05 today...works great and the equalizer is nice enjoy the .ogg support and the fact that it is *very* small!

I have one request (however judging by the response to recent posts I know I risk decapitation) it is this *drum roll*

a 10-band equalizer and *sword-chop* *phew*


the ability to save the presets... *sword-chop* *duck*

that is all

I was looking about sourceforge and found two equalizers one for xmms (eq-xmms, in v 0.3), a 30-band, but it uses GTK Widget (for KDE I suppose) and another rtEg, in v 0.6, again I think it uses GTK, I would program it myself except I am not a programmer...as you can tell I don't use linux either...I am an idiot so you'll have to excuse me.

Any way nice player will keep on using it (especially on my shityy celeron 300A - yes the one with the 128k cache!) keep up the good work etc

J e r n
If you use a creative Live card and don't play many games then maybe you culd look at the www.kxproject.com
their drivers for soundblaster Live) and Audigy cards have a nice equaliser that might just take your fancy and there is no programming required.


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