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Winamp-style search

Posted by BlinderBomber 
Winamp-style search
November 02, 2002 12:26AM
I would LOVE to see a winamp-style search made possible. For those that don't know/remember the winamp search, you pressed J and it brought up a search window and as you entered the search terms it would narrow down the choices on your playlist - very cool smiling smiley
QCD Style Search
November 18, 2002 08:01PM
I'd love to see a Quintessential style mp3 search. It works so seemlessly, but QCD is a huge program.
Re: Winamp-style search
November 30, 2002 03:05AM
i dissagree. it doesnt need search .. windows already provides search.. just search through your directories of files. i thought winamp3 was cool how you could search for a song and find it real fast.. then i searched with windows and realized it was just as fast.
Re: Winamp-style search
December 17, 2002 04:57AM
Windows search does not allow to search within ID tags, or does it? Like if I wanted to search by Album and the file is named Artist - Title, what do I do? Besides, it such a pain to bring up the search window and wait while the windows search hunts down all garbage files with similar kind of names. Use the Winamp J key and you'll know why he and many others like it!

Re: Winamp-style search
February 19, 2003 11:02PM
I agree this should be a must.... if coolplayer had this option i would dump winamp....

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