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Copy/Delete/Rename Files And Paths

Copy/Delete/Rename Files And Paths
September 28, 2002 02:11PM
Here are a few requests, no need to rush (or implement) but seeing on or more of options would be nice in a possible future release:

*Physically Deleting files from disk from within the playlist. (Like open request when button clicked: Are you sure to delete the file %path% from disk?) (shortcut to delete currently playing file shift + del perhaps?)

*I would also like to see the ability to copy the path of the currently playing file/stream to clipboard like rightclicking in main window and perhaps a file sub menu:

file-> Delete from disk
Copy path to clipboard
Open file/location
Rename File

I threw away winamp Totally.
Why? Because I found out that WA3.0 logs
every played file/stream and id3info etc in its
media library. Seems like spyware to me, don't
even want to think of what they might use the
info for in future releases. I will never trust nullsoft
again, ever. I didn't find any way to disable the feature either.

You CoolPlayerTeam on the other hand are doing great. grinning smiley
Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks in advance,

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