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To Compete with WinAmp...

Posted by ZeroCorpse 
To Compete with WinAmp...
September 17, 2002 02:28AM
There's only ONE thing missing from CoolPlayer that makes me default to WinAmp: With WinAmp, there's a feature that adds WinAmp to right-click menus. I can right-click on my "My Music" folder in my start bar and tell it to "Play In WinAmp" and it will start playing the whole directory like a playlist.

With CoolPlayer, I have to double-click on a particular song or playlist. Granted, I could make a playlist called "My Music" and then just double-click IT, but I'd have to keep upgrading the playlist when I get new music.

So the request is this: Add a "Play In CoolPlayer" item to the right-click menu in Windows. It would enable someone to use CoolPlayer for ANY supposrted music directory, file, or playlist with ease.

Actually, I do have one more request/question: I can't seem to find a "scroll title in windows" (or similar) option so that I can use CoolAmp properly with WBAmp... In WBAmp all I get is "CoolPlayer" scrolling, but not the song title... Any ideas why?

Thanks for making a cool player- er- I really didn't MEAN it to come out like that, but, uh- Yeah. CoolPlayer.

Good name.

Re: To Compete with WinAmp...
September 17, 2002 04:00AM
For your first problem, right click on the player > Options > Register Filetypes. It will show up as Coolplayer Queue.

I'm not sure about your second problem, but I've got an idea. WBAmp might just take the name of the program and scroll that. The last time I used Wiamp (literally years ago) It changed its running name every time switched songs. For example,the window was called: Winamp - Artist - Song Name. Hit ctrl + alt + del with winamp playing and see what winamp calls itself. The thing is, The 206 preview version of Coolplayer only calls itself coolplayer, plain and simple. I've got the old 8472 build running and it does what WA did with renaming itself. Email me if you want the old version to try out. If this is the problem, the feature could be re-added to the next 2xx build.


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