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skinners wishlist

Posted by infinil 
skinners wishlist
September 12, 2002 02:00AM
Here are some ideas that would be be great additions to the skinning engine for Coolplayer. Most of these ideas are implemented in all of the other freeform mp3 players. Because Coolplayer is my favorite and the easiest to skin, i would like to lend any help or knowledge i can toward the addition of the following skin features.

An additional image, showing the buttons in their hover state, would be an incredibly simple but powerful addition to any skins which use it.
The Ini would simply need another bmp definition.

Slider Maps:
It would be great if you could include a greyscale-mapped image for where you want the slider to show, and have it just grab from the active/inactive images to fill up the map according to the current status of the volume/progress.
If you defined a volume map or progress map image in your Ini, coolplayer would use that, but if not, it would look for the basic horizontal/vertical rectangle format.
The Ini would have to define the image files for the maps. The map bmp would be the same size as active/inactive, but with greyscale where the slider will show, and the transparency color everywhere else.

Custom Sliders:
On the topic of mapped sliders it would also be nice to have the ability to define custom slider images to show instead of the standard active/inactive fare. A frame-by-frame composited image of the progress of a slider (volume or progress) could be defined in your Ini to show up and override the default method of displaying the active/inactive images.
In the Ini, you could work this two ways, with the map or without.
Without a map, you would need a the standard rectangle and a drag direction for the custom slider to use.
With a map, you would start by defining everything you would have for the slider map. In addition, you would need to define the custom bmp, width of frame, height of frame, and the x/y for the frame placement. So if you were to click on the slider, it will use the map (or vertical/horizontal position) to grab a value, then use that value to determine which frame of the customslider to show.

Playlist Simpification:
The playlist already is fantastic. I like the way it works from a users' point of view, but for a skinner, it's easily the most daunting part of making any skin. Using two images for the button states (3 with mouseover) would be a nice change from creating external button bitmaps currently needed to skin the playlist. Transparency would be good also, as the playlist still needs to be square.

Playlist Backgrounds:
But this would be a nice addition. The ability to define the center image from the playlist.bmp, and then define verticalyl and horizonally whether it will be tiled, stretched, or centered on the list (e.g. stretching vertically, but centered left/right). This background would then show up behind the text of the playlist.
The Ini would need the x/y of the background image, and then flags for vertical and horizontal both, to define how it acts when the playlist window changes size.

Middle Playlist Sections:
It would be nice to be able to define not only corners and tile/stretch sections of the playlist.bmp, but to be able to define static (non stretching) sections that will stay in the top center, bottom center, left middle and right middle of the playlist. Some good examples would be titles centered the middle of the titlebar, and groups of buttons right on the left or right.
The Ini would have 4 more optional sections defined much the same way as corners are now, and then more flags for the button definitions to anchor to them.

Desktop Alpha:
This would change the look of all the new skins from second-rate aliased edges to first-rate blended. It's just too cool to pass up. In short, it would bring Coolplayer into the "next generation" mp3 players, not to mention looking a great deal more professional. Not necessary at all (aliasing is tricky, but do-able), but it would be nice after all the previous have been added.
No Ini definitions would be needed. If "blended" and "aliased" images both are included in the zip, you could have another check in the options menu to turn the blending on/off. If that's the case though, you would need to define the images for both blended and aliased mode in the Ini file.

The best thing about all of these is that they can be backwards compatible with earlier skins. Those skins that don't use all the features would be easier to skin, but simpler in function. But skins that used all these features would definitely be eye-boggling.
I will bet that quite a few skinners would opt for Coolplayer's speed and simplicity over the unnecessarily complicated and arguably bloated wa3/sq2.

- infinil
Re: skinners wishlist
September 28, 2002 08:53PM
I totally agree with infinil, and i'd like to add on top of the playlist requests.
The most annoying thing for me in the playlist is the scrollbars/titles, some playlists aren't big enough to show 8 different titles and long scrollbars, so it would be nice to place in the ini file whether or not the playlist shows all of the titles or not. For one it would make playlists look alot cool-er and also simplify the process of selecting songs.
As long as i'm on the subject, it would also be nice if you could do like in winamp, design the scrollbars yourself, square gray buttons get boring after a while...

Re: skinners wishlist
November 21, 2002 06:41PM
i would like to add one more thing.. not too big but will give skinners more options for creativity.. mulitple change skin tags...
Re: skinners wishlist
November 25, 2002 10:41AM
Ahh! Adding textlinks, not bitmaps, but well more like HTML-like links with css support? Just thinking loud here. Allso I'd love if the sliders could follow a path, not just vertical or horizontal. =)

Only for the weak
Re: skinners wishlist
November 30, 2002 03:04AM
also i have a wish.. most of the skins i try will not minimize when i click the coolplayer icon in the tray.. i don't know if thats a bug with ALL the skins i have ever tried.. or if its a bug with coolplayer..

the standard coolplayer skin minimizes when you click it in the tray.
Re: skinners wishlist
February 21, 2003 12:41AM
I want winamp skin compatibility.
Re: skinners wishlist
March 02, 2003 06:13PM
Is there a skin for poor sighted and arthrites striken poeple who has problem seeing these minuture bottons or moving the mouse in microinches. i sure havent been able to find one, may be because i just cant see too good.
It would be nice if i could see as well as i could hear the Coolplayer

Re: skinners wishlist
March 07, 2003 06:17AM
thats great, indeed i can see the controlls and read them too(surprize) thanks oinky for the guidance and thanks Kenray for the skin
Re: skinners wishlist
March 27, 2003 09:40AM
if the skin files just use png files with an alpha channel that could solve the edge of skins being aliased.

Re: skinners wishlist
April 03, 2003 01:07AM
I doubt it.
Sure the image is better quality,
but the guts that is win32 can't handle it.
(if somebody knows different, kindly inform, thanks)
Re: skinners wishlist
April 14, 2003 03:03PM
I was thinking about writing a patch to support loading of PNG images. It isn't hard (as long as you've got libpng to help). Thing is the rest of the skinning system then would have to be recoded to allow you to use them.

Think it's worth doing?


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