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Sugestion for version 3

Posted by Duncan 
Sugestion for version 3
September 03, 2002 02:11PM
Since I personally use coolplayer to play a fairly constant selection of music files I think the following would improve coolplayer. However others may disagree.

I would like to see coolplayer developed as a system service that actually plays the music and does nothing else. I.e. no GUI, not dialogs, no icon.

The service could start automatically with windows or alternatively could be started by the GUI (see below).

Once the coolplayer service was up and running other apps could interact with it via the windows message queue.

The player service would handle the use of the playlist and updating the playlist based on the MSG's it recieved, and the file loading. However it would hand off the decoding of the data to seperate DLL's that would be loaded on a per format basis.

Since it would need to handle crossfading it would need to have a maximum of 2 decoder DLL's loaded at any time.

This would keep the coolplayer app to an absolute bare minimum in terms of memory and CPU usage.

Ideally for me it would be capable of playing Ogg, MP3, WAV, MIDI, and CD formats but since they would be seperate libraries there would be no limit.

Other apps such as the playlist editor, player GUI, Sys Tray app, etc would then be written as seperate applications that would use the windows message queue to update the player service's settings.

Each of these apps would check if the service was available when they started and if not they would start the coolpayer service.

Consequently these parts of the application would only need to be in memory when the user wanted to interact with them.

Further it would mean that skinning could be taken to the next level - there could be any number of complete GUI suites written to interact with the Coolplayer player service. Thusly allowing those with minimal tastes to be satisfied as well as those with gratuitous tastes in animation etc.

well there you go - food for thought, nothing more.
Re: Sugestion for version 3
September 16, 2002 10:59AM
This is a cool idea, since i never use the interface and control coolplayer through different remote control plugins for the shells i use (check out the core remote plugin at modules.coreshell.info or the litestep remote control plugin at asperon.coreshell.info), this would mean a even smaller footprint.

Re: Sugestion for version 3
September 26, 2002 02:05PM
I thought so but alas I don't have the time (and probably not the skill) to program this myself and it doesn't seem to have attracted much comment.

Ah well - maybe one day I'll get a holiday and have a go winking smiley
Re: Sugestion for version 3
October 01, 2002 06:59PM
actually... it's a pretty cool idea... though this service would be incompatible with the 9x version of windows... yea? i dunno... buh very cool idea nonetheless.
Re: Sugestion for version 3
November 08, 2002 02:31PM
"actually... it's a pretty cool idea... though this service would be incompatible with the 9x version of windows... yea? i dunno... buh very cool idea nonetheless."

why would it have to be incompatable?
a service like that would just be a program that doesnt show anything anything anywhere, there are many many windoes programs that run like this built into windows
Re: Sugestion for version 3
November 18, 2002 08:20PM
There should be a Coolplayer Classic, for those that JUST want MP3 support, and minimal PC usage.

Then you can have Coolplayer Alpha, with MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Midi, Wav, and CD support.

Then Coolplayer Beta could have all of those features, plus some additional improvements and groovy features.

Whatcha think?
CoolPlayer User
Re: Sugestion for version 3
November 19, 2002 08:03AM
I like your idea. Make coolplayer bare bones. have it set up to play waves and use the mad decoder - that's it. from there users can add the winamp plugins that they want as they want them. this way if coolplayer goes idle for a while and plugins are updated, you can upgrade the plugins even though coolplayer has not been. also, the configuration of plugins needs support as well. to use some of them you need another program to configure them and then add that to coolplayer's ini file or copy the ini file for that decoder into coolplayers directory.

coolplayer has come along way. i hope the developers keep up with it but it has been a while since the last update. i am getting concerned that something is wrong. hopefully an update will be soon....
Re: Sugestion for version 3
November 19, 2002 03:19PM
hmmm, this whould be indeed a very cool idea... although, the limmited filesupport idea whouldnt be nice for me, I have Ogg's, mp3z, and musepack filez, and even some ape's. so, I'dd like to see these supported winking smiley
Re: Sugestion for version 3
November 25, 2002 10:43AM
For those people who doesn't use Coolplayer's interface the next big version of Coolplayer could have a plug-in support, where users can write their own scripts and sutch....

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