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Scan current drive / autorun

Posted by Bert 
Scan current drive / autorun
August 01, 2002 04:50AM
I'm trying to create a self starting CD (using the autorun.inf file) with coolplayer on it so I can listen to my mp3's at work without having to install the player.
I would like to see a command line option that makes coolplayer scan the drive it is located on for mp3's and starts playing them. The problem is that I can't use a drive letter in the start up command for coolplayer since the drive letters for the cd-rom drive on my work and at home aren't the same.
Re: Scan current drive / autorun
August 07, 2002 06:00PM
you can also copy coolplayer to the root dir of your cdrom and run it like this:

coolplayer.exe \
Re: Scan current drive / autorun
August 08, 2002 12:11AM
Well, that must be new - wasn't in 1.0beta build 4073, which is the version I used to develop the method I described. Wish I had known before I spent so much time writing all that last night (I know - it's probably in one of the change logs...).

Re: Scan current drive / autorun
August 08, 2002 05:19PM
Thank you both for your solutions. I'd prefer the coolplayer.exe \ way because that way it's easier to add mp3 files later.

For some reason it doesn't work fine at my computer (W2K & CP2.05). It adds all files to the playlist including bmp, ini and exe and tries to play them as well. This results in a not so pleasant sound when it reaches those files.

Is there a way to solve this ?
Re: Scan current drive / autorun
August 14, 2002 10:37PM
Yeah, it's a real PITA that it doesn't screen for supported file types - kinda makes the whole feature almost worthless. It would really be nice if you could tell it on the command line what file extensions to screen for (so either only .mp3 files are selected or everything but .wav files are picked up, for example).

In the meantime, I guess my existing method will do. I just glad it's not as complicated as my long description made it look (I just re-read it and I must have been feeling very verbose that night...) - especially once you've already got it set up and have the hang of it.


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